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Highlights of 45/2006

Created: 11/13/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 45/2006

U. S. Steel Kosice - Company of the Year for the second time

Annual Prizes for extraordinary business achievements were awarded in Bratislava on Tuesday evening by TREND economic weekly. Just as last year U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o. has become the Company of the Year again. Only one more company was able to uphold its victory in this category. The assessment for the Company of the Year Award ranks companies from the current TOP 200 list (two hundred biggest non-financial companies in Slovakia according to the consolidated revenues in 2005) out of which TREND evaluates the most successful each year.

U. S. Steel Kosice grant program

Since 2005 U. S. Steel Kosice has been implementing its Professionals work safely project to spread the idea of safe behavior in every situation, not only among the Company's own employees but among young people, students and the general public as well. And now the campaign is taking on a new dimension. On Monday of this week, November 6th, USSK President David H. Lohr held a press conference to present its continuation in the form of a grant program entitled "Safer in Schools", which is intended for schools in the Kosice and Presov regions. The aim of this project, which should be accomplished before the end of 2007, is to introduce specific measures which will increase safety at school. The evaluating committee will be announcing the results of the grant program in April 2007.

Blast furnaces repaired

Just recently all three of our blast furnaces underwent three-day repair operations. Following the preparatory work, the series of repairs began at BF no.2 on Sunday, October 22nd. As a result of very good organizational preparation and coordination of the repair work itself, all the jobs were completed and blasting of the furnaces was restarted within the scheduled period. In fact, repair work on BF no.1, the last in the schedule of repairs, was completed half a day early, on October 31st 2006.

Presentation of best works from the Ekotopfilm Festival 2006

Yesterday, November 7th, a collection of the most successful works from the 33rd edition of the annual international festival of specialist films Ekotopfilm 2006 was transferred from Bratislava to Kosice. For the fifth time now, thanks to U. S. Steel Kosice sponsorship, the people of Kosice and visitors to our city have the chance to visit the auditorium of the historic Town Hall and see the some of the world's best audio-visual creations dealing with issues of ecology and permanently-sustainable development. The presentation of Festival films in Kosice, enhanced with an accompanying program of seminars, continues until tomorrow, Thursday, November 9th 2006.

Wishing Trees again this year

Last year a great response among the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiaries was stimulated by the Wishing Trees, created on the initiative of Susan Lohr, wife of USSK President David H. Lohr, and set up at four points around the steelworks premises. A similar project is being prepared by the Company this year as well, and once again the Wishing Trees will be appearing in four places around the works from 13th November. Everyone who wishes to help children in homes in this way will be able to take one, two or even more cards from a tree, purchase the gift indicated on each card in whichever shop they choose, take it to one of the two collection points to 4th December, and thus fulfill one or more of the wishes coming from a particular children's home.

Trades unionists on the topic of occupational safety

The independent Christian trades union in Slovakia Kovo-Metal together with trades unions Metalurg and Kovo, and in cooperation wiith U. S. Steel Kosice, organized a seminar for their members a few days ago on the topic of occupational safety and health protection. The participants very much appreciated the standard of the seminar, and recommended that it should be organized as a joint event by the trades unions to take place every year. It is the aim of all the union organizations operating at the steelworks to share jointly, and in partnership with the Company as employer, in bringing about improvements in the field of occupational safety.


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