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Highlights of 46/2006

Created: 11/20/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 46/2006

Let's help cure our children

The announcement of a collection at the Kosice steelworks, initiated this year by the management of U. S. Steel Kosice, has been greatly welcomed at the University Children's Hospital in Kosice, where they very much appreciate this act of humanity by the steelmakers. Above all, as they say, because it's for the health of our children. This health-care institution too is struggling with a lack of financial resources which would enable them to acquire the instruments and equipment they need.
Contributions towards the purchase of anesthesiological equipment and a portable ultrasound machine, which will help in carrying out demanding operations and patient diagnostics at the Children's Hospital, can be made by each one of us, employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiaries, whether 50 or 100 Slovak crowns, or possibly another amount, in the form of a deduction from our November pay check. The same sum as the total proceeds of the employees' voluntary collection will then also be contributed towards buying the equipment by both the company U. S. Steel Kosice and the U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation, so that the Kosice steelmakers' generosity will effectively be trebled. The joint gift will be presented to representatives of the University Children's Hospital in Kosice at the grand Christmas Concert taking place on December 8th 2006 in the Kosice State Theater.

Safety video for November

Every year as many as sixty thousand employees are exposed to health threats coming from the air which they breathe in polluted environments whilst performing various jobs. For preventing or at least reducing the undesirable effects of atmospheric pollutants, primarily technical means are used, such as ventilation systems or technological changes. If this manner of protection is insufficient, then employees' safe breathing is ensured by the use of personal protective working equipment. The safety video produced for the month of November explains why breathing protection is so important. It describes the factors threatening the respiratory tract, the means available for breathing protection, training courses, and the proper selection and care of breathing protection aids.

Jaromir Fotta is Top Quality Manager

At the 13th international conference on the occasion of World Quality Day, which took place on November 8th and 9th 2006 in Zilina, the results were announced for the fifth edition of the annual competition named Top Quality Managers 2006. One of the nine people receiving awards was Jaromir Fotta, Quality Officer at USSK's Cold Strip Mill Division. He thus becomes the fifth U. S. Steel Kosice employee to be awarded a prize by the SR Office for Normalization, Metrology and Testing together with the Slovak Quality Company, for his contribution towards implementing quality ideas and building up quality management systems.

The USSK Gallery shows pictures by Zlata Reistetterova-Karkalikova

Yesterday and Today is the theme of the exhibition now open at the USSK Gallery and continuing till January 12th next year, in which the artist Zlata Reistetterova-Karkalikova presents her works. The exhibition was officially opened on Thursday, November 9th, by the wife of the U. S. Steel Kosice President, Mrs. Susan Lohr.

Gymnasts in Pittsburgh

From October 24th to November 1st seven young gymnasts from the club Gymnastik Kosice enjoyed a trip to the USA at the invitation of the Butler Gymnastics Club in Pittsburgh. There they took part in five joint training sessions with the local club gymnasts, so the boys and girls of both clubs had the chance to match up their relative performance levels, pick up a few new training methods, and compare the quality of their training processes.


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