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Highlights of 51/2006

Created: 12/25/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 51/2006

David H. Lohr meets Mechanika Division employees

The last of this year's working lunches for Company employees with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr was a meeting with a nine-member team from Mechanika Division on December 13th 2006. This almost two-hour meeting was also attended by Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga, Vice-president Operations Richard Veitch and Deputy GM Production Support Ladislav Hanuscalka.

Over 1000 Wishing Tree wishes fulfilled

The Wishing Trees have been a success. They have brought joy to children in four foster homes in our region - at Hostovice, Sarisske Michalany, Podolinec and Remetske Hamre. Last week Susan Lohr and a group of Company representatives visited these four foster homes and presented the children with the gifts they had requested on the cards hung on the Wishing Trees. The gifts were bought for them by employees of USSK and its subsidiaries, but also, it turns out, by their children and by a number of visitors to the Company.

Intending to continue the successful work of his predecessors

Following the departure of the retiring James F. Connor, from December 1st of this year the newly-appointed Vice-president Finance (Chief Financial Officer) of U. S. Steel Kosice is William C. King. Today's issue of Ocel Vychodu includes an interview with the new Vice-president ranging from his plans in his new position to his hobbies and his family.

Planning to attract more Dutch investors

"The Netherlands are a country where we see potential for investors in the Kosice region and Eastern Slovakia," Ocel Vychodu was told by GM Regional Development and Executive Director of USSK's Economic Devlopment Center (EDC) Juraj Augustin after his meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Slovak Republic Rob Swartbol and the Embassy's Commercial and Economic Attachee Margarieta N. Leemhuis on Wednesday of last week, December 13th, at the EDC's offices in Kosice. Their joint talks were concerned above all with the potential for investment in Eastern Slovakia, but also with a further promotional EDC Road Show, this time around the Dutch cities. The Ambassador also looked round some of the operations at USSK.

USSK managers among students

On Friday of last week, December 15th 2006, the lecture hall of the St. Thomas Aquinas Grammar School in Kosice was the venue for a meeting lasting the whole morning between the Presidents and Vice-presidents of the Student Corporations and several U. S. Steel Kosice managers. These included Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga, Head of the Organization and Administration Department Gabriel Bardiovsky and other guests, who provided stimulating insights to the starting-out Student Corporation managers into the process of functioning of companies, what resources they need for doing business and which are the most important, issues of human resources management like motivation and communication, and how to make use of these attributes to benefit the activities of commercial companies.

City Mayor Frantisek Knapik takes the oath

On Friday of last week, December 15th 2006, the great chamber of the historical town hall on the Main Street in Kosice was the venue for the official ceremony, attended by invited guests from state and local government, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, the academic and judicial communities, industrial companies and social organizations, of the inaugural session of the City Parliament in Kosice including the solemn swearing-in of the newly-elected Mayor Frantisek Knapik and fifty members of the Parliament, who will be promoting the interests of their voters there for another four years. Among the guests making short speeches was USSK Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga.


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