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Highlights of 01/2007

Created: 1/8/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 01/2007

New Year's Eve among the steelmakers

Safety first! This was also the spirit in which the final hours and minutes of last year, New Year's Eve 2006, passed off. As usual, U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr spent this time among the steelmakers. Untraditionally, though, he started meeting and thanking them for their work and better results in occupational safety achieved last year, and wishing them all the best in the coming year, shortly after nine in the evening at entrance gate number two. He was joined there by Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga, Metalurg Trades Union Council Chairman Mikulas Dula, Public Affairs Director Jan Baca and a special guest - Kosice Self-governing Region Chairman Zdenko Trebula. Just before half past ten President Lohr and the other managers visited the works firefighters - a gesture also intended to emphasize the importance of occupational safety.

Over 140 000 crowns for a good cause

The U. S. Steel Kosice Christmas Hut attracted the interest of downtown visitors throughout December. Steelmakers who stopped by were given a small present from the Company management together with a message of thanks for the employees' contribution to the results achieved by the Company during 2006. Many people, steelmakers and other passer-bys alike, were also interested in the charitative mission of the Christmas Hut. Over a period of almost three weeks a total of fourteen not-for-profit organizations took turns day by day in the Hut, and it was proven once again that when there is a good cause, people do not remain indifferent. Up until December 23rd 2006 the daily collections managed to raise 141 239.50 SKK altogether for these organizations.

Let's protect our identity

Often nowadays, thanks to the electronic media, we know more about life at the far ends of the Earth than we do about life "at the bottom of the garden", as they say. This is also true of people's own past, and an interesting project aimed at protecting old, passed-down customs was started last year by the "Prave orechove" (the Real McCoy) Literary Society. Named "Let's protect our identity", the civic association's project set out to preserve the intangible and documentary cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the villages Sena, Nizny Lanec, Trstene pri Hornade, Vysna Mysla and Vysny Lanec - today's Perin-Chym. This project has been supported by the U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation.

Young designer's success in U. S. Steel Kosice competition

Maria Istvanova was the winner of the designers' competition named U. S. Steel Kosice Catalog 2006. This competition was entered by twelve young designers, whose task was to come up with new, untraditional design solutions for catalogs and prepare materials for a design manual as the basis for creating product and occasional catalogs for our Company. The graphic designs by Maria Istvanova have already started being used in practice by U. S. Steel Kosice's commercial staff.

Let's start with hockey

In 2007 U. S. Steel Kosice is preparing a great number of sporting competitions, races, tournaments and other events. The sports calendar for 2007 opens with the USSK Ice-hockey Championships, which now traditionally features as an event in the Company Winter Olympic Games. But this year sees the grand 40th edition of these hockey championships for the traveling trophy called the U. S. Steel Kosice President's Cup. The group round games start being played on January 9th on the ice of the Steel Arena, the Ladislav Trojak Winter Stadium.


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