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Highlights of 04/2007

Created: 1/29/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 04/2007

Kosice steelworks confirm their good reputation

The year 2006 was extraordinarily successful for U. S. Steel. The Kosice steelmakers left nothing owing to their reputation as hardworking people. Primary operations, finishing plants, production support section and subsidiaries alike set several new records. Today's issue of Ocel Vychodu presents the best results achieved by the Kosice steelworks.

Further presentations of BSC Global Value Plus Awards

In the last few days BSC management has judged all nominations of employees in the BSC Global Value Plus Award scheme for the 4th quarter of 2006. Winnners have been selected on the basis of the proven benefit and added value they have brought to the USS Corporation. Goran Stepanoski of BSC Europe is the winner of the latest quarter. He is BSCe team manager for process control in the field of applications management at the Serbian works. And by gaining first place, Goran thus qualifies for the annual BSC Award, Global Value Plus, which will be presented in the summer of 2007.
From among the nominees BSC management also picked out Audrey Dorn from BSC North America and Jitka Urbanikova from BSC Europe at USSK. The scheme continues in 2007. Nominations for the BSC Global Value Plus Award comprise those BSC employees who have exceeded all expectations in contributing to USS values, and can be made at any time during the year using the special form which is available on all home intranet web sites of BSCna and BSCe: http://www.intranet.

InfoUSA Kosice to proceed further

Visiting Kosice last week were Edward Kemp, Public Affairs Officer, and Paula Holotnakova, Director of the American Reference Center at the Embassy of the United States of America in Slovakia. The object of their visit was to meet representatives of the management of the State Research Library (SRL) in Kosice and sign a Memorandum of Understanding defining their mutual cooperation on the InfoUSA Center project. The contract on the continued functioning of the InfoUSA Center at the SRL in Kosice was signed with Library Director Jan Gaspar last Thursday, January 18th 2007. The Center remains as one of the SRL reading rooms, but at the same time it functions as the American culture and information center in the region of Eastern Slovakia. This project originated in March 2004 with significant financial support from U. S. Steel Kosice.

USSK Ice-hockey Championships continue

Last week at the Steel Arena the tournament to find the ice-hockey champions of U. S. Steel Kosice continued with further group matches. No big surprises happened on the ice, except perhaps that last year's champions from the Management only achieved a draw adter a tough battle with the composite team from the Cold Strip Mill and Finishing Division. In the other matches the favorite teams won, although in the Cokery versus Secondary Metallurgical Products game the home team were the surprising leaders at the halfway stage by two goals to nil. But in the end it was the Cokery players who lost. We invite all fans to brig their families to see the next matches.
Come and support your colleagues from your own division, and have a good time in the pleasant surroundings of the Steel Arena. Today's program features these games: at 6.30 pm Power vs Transport, and at 8 pm Management vs Maintenance. On Thursday, January 25th, you can see: at 6.30 pm Shipping vs Hot Strip Mill, and at 8 pm Secondary Metallurgical Products vs Steel Shops. On Monday, January 29th, there are: at 7.30 pm Secondary Metallurgical Products vs Hot Strip Mill, and at 9 pm Transport vs Management. Then on Tuesday, January 30th, there are: at 6.30 pm Steel Shops vs Shipping, and at 8 pm Cokery vs Blast Furnaces.


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