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Highlights of 12/2007

Created: 3/26/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 12/2007

Collective Agreement Amendment No.4 is signed

Amendment No.4 to the U. S. Steel Kosice Collective Agreement for the years 2004 - 2007 came into force last Thursday, March 15th 2007. The document was signed in the presence of the collective negotiators by U. S. Steel Kosice President and Executive Officer David H. Lohr, Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trades Union Council Chairman Mikulas Dula, NKOS U. S. Steel Kosice Trades Union Branch Chairman Milan Beregszaszi, KOVO Trades Union Council Deputy Chairman Anton Mifka, standing proxy for KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice Trades Union Branch Chairwoman Maria Vilinska, and U. S. Steel Kosice Vice-president and Executive Officer Miroslav Kiralvarga. The signing of this document was preceded by 12 rounds of negotiations, which the President described in his brief comments as demanding, but open and correct. He said that although he did not take part directly in the sessions, he was interested in the progress of the negotiations. The negotiators were very professional, and well prepared with their argumentation. Although they defendedtheir positions toughly, while putting forward their standpoints they bore in mind that the Company must move forward and invest, so that it can prosper and bear fruit year on year.

M. Kiralvarga becomes Metallurgy Employers' Association President

The new President of the Employers' Association for Metallurgyand Mining Industries and Geology in the Slovak Republic, elected at the Association's 23rd General Meeting in Demanovska Valley last Friday, March 16th, is Miroslav Kiralvarga, U. S. Steel Kosice Vice-President Human Resources. At the same time the General Meeting elected the new governing bodies for the next four years - the 11-member Executive Board and the 5-member Supervisory Board - and approved the basic principles of the Association's activities for the coming period.

Children seize their "Chance to Play"

To give a chance and equal opportunity to children with sporting talent coming from socially-disadvantagedbackgrounds, this was the aim of the young ice-hockey and basketball players' support program named "Your Chance to Play", announced last year by U. S. Steel Kosice. Both basketball and hockey, the latter especially, are financially demanding sports in terms of equipment, training premises and traveling expenses. For this reason U. S. Steel Kosice is supporting selected children who fulfilled the selection conditions by subsidizing their club membership fees and part of their sports gear. The project attracted applications from 74 children, and the chance to play was granted to 26 girl basketball players and 37 boy ice-hockey players. Without U. S. Steel Kosice's support they would hardly have been able to develop their sporting talent due to lack of financial resources. Ocel Vychodu was interested to know how these young sports-people are getting on, and in the last few days we have visited two basketball clubs where twenty young talents are being trained thanks to USSK support.

Dramatic duels at the green tables

Zelinka, Sabol and Kacvinska, the Transport I women's team and the Hot Strip Mill men's team have won this year's USSK Table-Tennis Championships. Fighting it out over the green tables were 43 individuals - 12 women and 11 men in the Under-40's category and 20 men in the Over-40's group. The competition for three-member men's teams had seven entries, and the precious trophies in the women's competition were contested by four two-member teams. Whereas on the men's side last year's champions Julius Bacsó and Jozef Fotta were not successful in defending their titles, among the women the champion's title was won this year as last year by many-times USSK Champion and Olympic Games table-tennis winner Eva Kacvinska.


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