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Highlights of 15/2007

Created: 4/16/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 15/2007

American Ambassador in Kosice

By invitation from the management of American company EQ Engineers Slovakia, s.r.o., the Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Rodolphe M. Vallee recently visited Kosice. The Ambassador was interested in their experience and problems with doing business in Slovakia, their cooperation with other American and Slovak firms, their activities in this region, their education policy and partnerships with universities, and their plans for the future. He also visited the village of Mala Ida.

Interview with Bill Baker

Bill Baker is an American who has lived for more than ten years in our city. Together with a group of like-minded people he set up the Social Reform Society, which he is still active in today, even though he now lives in the state of Montana. He has traveled the whole of Slovakia, carrying out various educational and research activities in the social sphere, working with young people and joining in many charity projects actively helping people in need, including amidst the Romany community. Last days at the InfoCenter USA in Kosice he publicly presented his book named Out of the Vicious Circle, which has come into being also thanks to support from U. S. Steel Kosice. This issue of Ocel Vychodu includes an interview with Bill Baker.

Little big hockey players

It is the dream of many a young boy to become another Hossa, Palffy, Demitra or Bondra, to achieve success on the ice, to make their mark, score goals, and represent their country at the World Championships. So far most of them play out their dream on various playgrounds among the tower blocks in their neighborhood. Ice-hockey is a rather demanding sport financially as well as physically, and not every young talent has a social background enabling them to play it seriously. Last year precisely these young hockey players from socially-disadvantaged families, and girl basketball players as well, were offered the opportunity by U. S. Steel Kosice to join in the project named Your Chance to Play. There were applications for this program from 74 schoolboys, and 37 of them gained USSK support as hockey talents. Today's issue of Ocel Vychodu reports on how the program is proceeding.

Daffodil Day this Friday

It has become a good habit in Slovakia as well that every year in the middle of April people turn to these yellow spring flowers to express their support for the fight against cancer. This Friday, April 13th, we have the chance again for the eleventh time now to pin on a daffodil flower. The aim of this, the largest public charity collection in Slovakia, organized by the Anti-Cancer League of Slovakia and supported both materially and financially by U. S. Steel Kosice, is to direct public attention to the way the problems of this very serious disease can be tackled. If you buy a daffodil from the volunteers carrying permits from the SR Ministry of the Interior for this organized collection, you will be helping a good cause.

Fire protection training

Part of the fire protection training course currently being run by specialists from the USSK Fire-fighting Unit, apart from the theoretical input, is also a practical component consisting of training in the use of portable fire-extinguishers. Its aim, according to Fire-fighting Unit fire protection specialist Vincent Novotny, is to familiarize employees with the various types of extinguisher and the kinds of fire they are most effective against, but mainly also to teach them how to use them and with their assistance to achieve the best possible fire-fighting effect.


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