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Highlights of 19/2007

Created: 5/14/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 19/2007

Mayor's Prize for Susan Lohr

This Monday, May 7th, marking the occasion of Kosice City Day, the presentations took place of the Kosice City Awards and the Mayor's Prizes and Plaques. One of the Prize recipients was USSK President's wife Susan Lohr, for her innovative charity activities and efforts devoted to helping children in foster homes all over Eastern Slovakia and senior citizens in Kosice itself. She has decided to dedicate the financial award which is part of the Prize to the children in the Crisis Intervention Centres on Adler Street in Kosice and in Cana.

Two QMS review audits for USSK

One year on, the auditors from the TÜV NORD certification company are returning to U. S. Steel Kosice. The objective of their visit to our steelworks from May 14th - 17th is to carry out two quality management system review audits. Their extensive inspection will be focusing on the sections of Company Management and the divisions of Secondary Metallurgy, Steel Plants, Hot Strip Mill, Shipping, Cold Strip Mill and Finishing. There will be a meeting of the auditors with members of Company top management on May 15th, and the final meeting at which the four-member audit team are to inform the management of their findings is due to take place next Thursday afternoon, May 17th.

Fire-fighters celebrate St. Florian's Day

Last Friday, May 4th, the fire-fighters celebrated their patron, because it was St. Florian's Day. Outside the Optima shopping mall in Kosice they prepared a wide range of interesting attractions for the general public, including a competition betweem fire-fighting units from around Eastern Slovakia, but also from abroad. In the individuals' competition the USSK fire-fighters took first and second places, and in the team event they came second after their colleagues from Olomouc. The celebrations were also attended by USSK Vice-president Miroslav Kiralvarga, who presented the Kosice City Fire-fighting and Rescue Brigade with a thermovision camera and an outboard motor-driven inflatable rescue boat worth in excess of a million Slovak crowns.

Changes take place in the USA too

As Ocel Vychodu has already informed readers, several months ago the United States Steel Corporation appointed Anton Lukac as General Manager Mon Valley Works. In this position he is responsible for all production plants around Pittsburgh, including the Edgar Thomson Works in Braddock and Irvin Works in West Mifflin, as well as the cokery and chemicals plant in Clairton. He is equally responsible for the galvanizing operation at Fairless not far from Philadelphia. Ocel Vychodu has spoken with Anton Lukac and his wife about his work in the American operations, but also about their life as a family in the United States.

Another step towards improving air quality

Over the last three years both steel-producing shops in the USSK Steel Plant Division have undergone large-scale modernization projects with ecological aims. In 2004 Steel Shop 2 was fitted with secondary dedusting equipment, and in 2005 both primary and secondary dedusting systems were installed in Steel Shop 1. By the end of November this year the primary dedusting system in Steel Shop 2 will also be fully modernized. With this project U. S. Steel Kosice will have completed the series of works intended to increase protection of the atmosphere which we began implementing in 2001.

USSK Soccer Championships start

The Technical University Stadium on Watson Street is the venue for the soccer tournament to find the U. S. Steel Kosice Champions as part of this year's XVII edition of the Company's Summer Olympics. The tournament's first round is already under way, and the 3rd place game and the final match are due to be played on May 28th.


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