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Highlights of 20/2007

Created: 5/21/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 20/2007

John H. Goodish at USSK

In the last few days U. S. Steel Kosice was visited by U. S. Steel Corporation Executive Vice-president and Chief Operating Officer John H. Goodish, who was accompanied by the top managers of the Kosice steelworks on a tour of several of the Company's operations.

Recuperation stay vouchers to be extra bonus

Since 2003 the working lunches for selected employees with the President of U. S. Steel Kosice have involved hundreds of employees. Each year around 120 steelmakers have met around the common table, selected for the excellent work they have done and still do for the Company, so that the management can express its recognition of their work in this way. Primary production will be the first to meet the President this month under new rules, because beginning in May this year several changes have been made in the organizing of these events, the selection of employees and the form of appreciation, as Ocel Vychodu was informed by Vice-president Human Resources Martin Pitorak. Whereas so far meetings have been organized for each division separately, meaning one lunch every month or thereabouts, the new approach will involve four meetings based on sectors. The first lunch will be for a team from Primary production, followed by the Strip Mills and Finishing, then Secondary Metallurgy and Maintenance, and last but not least the Company Management staff. Each meeting will be based on nominations of 20 selected employees.

Annual Congress of Hutnik Civic Association

The Hutnik Civic Association, which recently entered into the fifth year of its existence, is a club of graduates and friends of the Secondary Technical School for Metallurgy in Kosice who have set themselves the aims of promoting the school and its successes, supporting the school's development projects, and backing its cooperation with industrial companies. At present the Hutnik Civic Association has 49 individual and 7 group members. At the Congress they elected from among their own ranks a nine-member Presidium and five-member Supervisory Board, and these controlling bodies naturally include representatives of U. S. Steel Kosice - Karol Gordiak and Miroslav Majercak. There was an unanimous vote for the post of Association President - Vladimir Jacko from U. S. Steel Kosice, who is currently working in the position of Director of Power Generating, Maintenance and Services at Fairfield in the USA.

They really appreciate every bit of help

Every bit of help really comes in useful for us, and we especially appreciate the help from you, Ocel Vychodu was told recently by Ludmila Podracka, Head of the Children's and Adolescents' Clinic at the University Pediatric Hospital in Kosice, after they received new bedding as a gift from U. S. Steel Kosice - 132 sets of pretty covers featuring cute fairytale characters in green, blue and yellow shades. There was also no lack of expressions of gratitude from the Avenue Street Crisis Center, the A. F. Colbrie Seniors' Home on Southern Drive and the Emauzy Hostel for the Homeless on Violet Street in Kosice. New bed linen has been sewn for them to order from the Kosice steelworks by the skillful hands of the women in the Future of Youth Civic Association in Druzstevna nad Hornadom, which started its activity eight years ago. Soon after this the members set up a sewing workshop, which has since been providing occasional work to eight women.

World Championship Ninepin Bowling

The VII. World Ninepin Bowling Junior Championship commenced on Monday evening, May 14, 2007 in the Kosice´s Steel Arena in the form of ceremonial opening, that will be followed by the II. World Group Ninepin Bowling Championship on May 20, 2007. U. S. Steel Kosice is the General Sponsor of both world championships. Fair Play and Best Performance Promise was presented by Slovak representative Ms. Veronika Komentova on behalf of all junior sportsmen from 15 countries.


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