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Highlights of 22/2007

Created: 6/4/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 22/2007

Large group of American colleagues visits USSK

The Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Pennsylvania Joseph T. Senko traveled to U. S. Steel Kosice last week with a more than 60-strong group of current and former U. S. Steel Corporation employees in the USA. This visit to Kosice city and steelworks on May 24th was the penultimate stop in a familiarization trip around Central Europe for the predominantly female group. The tour was organized by Carnegie Illinois Office Employees Training (CILOET), an association of women employees in the American operations of U. S. Steel.
The visitors' first contact with our Company was through the offices of Vice-president Management Services and Administration Miroslav Kiralvarga and General Counsel John F. Wilson, who informed them about U. S. Steel Kosice's status as a significant part of the multinational corporation U. S. Steel. The guests learned interesting facts about the Company's business activities and its establishment in this region of Slovakia and Europe. There was also talk of expansion of the Company in the coming years, about safety, diversity and the social program. Our American colleagues were curious about our earnings potential, how the pension system works and the system of education, whether steel-frame houses are built here and where we import raw materials from, and they were interested in the production of spiral-welded pipes and export opportunities, but also for instance in how our employees travel to work. The whole picture of the Company was completed with a documentary film and a coach tour taking in the Cokery, Blast Furnaces, Steel Plant, Power Plant, Hot and Cold Strip Mills and Finishing Plant.
Later after guided tour of the sights in downtown Kosice the group was welcomed in the historical Town Hall by City Mayor Frantisek Knapik. The beauties of Kosice were emphasized at the end of this meeting by J. T. Senko himself, who is always happy to return here. This trip was his fourth in recent years, showing Slovakia off mainly to the children of American Slovaks. "We've seen many lovely places, and Kosice is one of them," he admits. The same feelings are expressed by Dona DeBone of CILOET in presenting a symbolic gift to the Mayor. The day was rounded of with a dinner attended by USSK representatives.

Two million hours without accident

The 700-member maintenance team of the Mechanika division have good reason to be pleased with themelves these days. They have managed to double last year's record for the number of hours worked without accident or injury. They achieved their first million hours without accident on May 31st 2006, and the second million was added to their account on May 18th 2007. They have worked without accident or injury since June 2005.

Let's meet at the Zoo on Saturday

A perfect program, loads of competitions and attractions, and interesting prizes - all of these and much more besides awaits those who come to Kosice Zoological Gardens this Saturday, June 2nd, to celebrate International Children's Day as orchestrated by U. S. Steel Kosice. This is an event which you only have to bring a good mood to, and it begins at 2 pm. Visitors can reach the Zoo by regular bus line 29, but there will also be a shuttle bus service available on the day. In addition to lots of fun, a general knowledge test has been prepared for the children, which is presented again for the last time in today's issue of Ocel Vychodu. All the boys and girls have to do is correctly answer the six quiz questions, complete the form with their full name, address, and phone number if available, cut it out and bring it to the celebrations. There will be a box prepared in a tent by the amphitheater at the Zoo, which the completed test papers should be put in by 3 pm at the latest. The winners will get attractive prizes.

Hi-Technology drops anchor in Kosice

The British firm Hi-Technology Group, specialists in very precise direct injection moulding of plastics for medicine, ship-building, space exploration and defence industry requirements, has decided as part of its long-term development strategy to start making plastic pressings in Kosice. This will be the first HTG plant outside the British Isles. They will be setting up operations in rented premises in the south part of Kosice, in the grounds of the former CSAD depot, investing around 25 million Slovak crowns and initially employing 50 people, but with later plans for 150 employees. The British have received significant assistance from the Eonomic Development Center belonging to the U. S. Steel Kosice steelworks, as confirmed by Hi-Technology Group Production Manager Richard Brown.

U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days

Philanthropical activities, which U. S. Steel Kosice gives the green light to and supports with its own example, are by no means unknown to many steelmakers. Others might well want to help, but they don't know how or where. But now there's an opportunity for them too, for all of them, thanks to the U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days taking place on June 8th and 9th this year. Everyone is welcome, whether taking part in the Steelmakers' Drop of Blood event on Friday, June 8th, or in the working activities on Saturday, June 9th. Applications are welcome from working teams and whole families alike.


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