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Highlights of 35/2007

Created: 9/3/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 35/2007

We fulfill environmental requirements

The U. S. Steel Kosice project named Waste Dump for Non-dangerous Waste was recently the subject of public consultations in compliance with the law on assesment of environmental impacts. The consultations were attended by representatives of all parties involved, including the council leaders of Kosice-Saca city ward and the village of Velka Ida, and took place in the offices of the Environmental Department of Kosice's Municipal Authority. The proposal to create a new waste dump for non-dangerous waste at the Kosice steelworks had already been negotiated by the proposers and waste handlers in a meeting at the SR Ministry of the Environment. The dump will fulfill all the current legal criteria and requirements. It will be equipped with all the necessary sealing and protective features and monitoring systems. The participants in the negotiations on this project did not raise any objections regarding the proposal.

Discover the beauty of metal together with the designers

For the sixth year in a row the people of Kosice have the opportunity once again to admire some untraditional artworks created from metal by the young designers taking part in the international workshop called Metal Inspirations 2007. It is enough to pop into the Slovak Technical Museum on the Main Street, where on Monday, August 27th, the workshop exhibition was officially opened to the public, and will be going on until September 30th of this year. The artworks were created during the past week in the workshops of the Vocational School for Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca, taken over by nearly two dozen design students together with their college teachers from Hungary, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The teams' task was to tackle two pre-set themes, to design a metal object which could appear on a billboard advertising the city of Kosice, or an object inspired by the development of car-driving in the world, making a link with U. S. Steel Kosice's latest investment, the new, third galvanizing line.

Pupils back to the benches

The summer vacation is ending, and just next Monday, September 3rd, the school gates will be opening wide once again. In the school year 2007-2008 the 83 secondary schools which are the educational responsibility of the Kosice Self-governing Region will be providing study places for a total of 38 100 young people. One of the seven schools with the highest expected number of pupils is the Vocational School for Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca. Based on an agreement with U. S. Steel Kosice, the school will be preparing 164 first-year pupils for a metallurgical profession in 4-year courses for the specialized trades of steelworker-machine operator, mechanic-electrician, engineering plant mechanic and metalworking and welding machine programmer, finishing with the graduation exam, and in 3-year apprentice courses for the trades of machine mechanic-repairman and electro-mechanic. By now in the 2nd and 3rd years at the Vocational School there are altogether 382 pupils learning for selected professions to meet the needs of the Kosice steelworks, from which they can gain performance-based motivational benefits.

European Cultural Festival

Yesterday, August 28th, saw the beginning in Kosice of the 8th edition of the annual European Cultural Festival of the Nations and National Minorities. This event, which goes on in our city until Sunday, September 2nd, has been prepared by the FEMAN civic association also with support from U. S. Steel Kosice. The aim of this Festival is to bring to Eastern Slovakia and to Kosice in particular the cultural wealth of the nations and national or ethnic minorities living in Europe. Kosice bears the epithet of the city of tolerance, peace and co-existence of various cultures. Here in mutual harmony and magnanimous tolerance coexist many various ethnic groups, proof of which is the great series of events which are organized in our city throughout the autumn of every year.


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