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Highlights of 41/2007

Created: 10/15/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 41/2007

Safety Video for October 2007

The metallurgical industry could not exist without fire - it would certainly not be possible to make any steel without it. On the other hand, fire has no conscience, and if we lose control of it, it can be very destructive. The loss of human life as a consequence of fire causes incalculable harm. Yet the principle of fire prevention is relatively simple - to recognize risk in time and ensure that preventive measures are carried out. The USSK Safety Video for October, entitled Fire Prevention 2007, takes a few minutes to point out the main causes of fire and looks at effective was of preempting those causes.

American Ambassador opens unique exhibition

Last Wednesday, October 3rd, the East Slovakian Museum in Kosice saw the official opening of a unique traveling exhibition of photographs entitled Sacred Message: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian. The initiator of this exhibition in the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia was the Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Rodolphe M. Vallee, who also joined the Director of the East Slovakian Museum in Kosice Róbert Pollak in officially opening it. The exhibition remains in Kosice until October 28th, after which it moves on to Gallery Z in Bratislava.

Start of meetings with long-term employees

The tradition of meetings of U. S. Steel Kosice management with long-term employees who this year complete 30, 35 and 40 years of employment at the steelworks is continuing. This year's meetings, which the employees will be invited to together with their partners, and will be attended by representatives of the Company's top management and trades union organizations, are taking place in October and November in the Jumbo Center on Masarykova Street in Kosice.

Let's Swim Europe

Let's Swim Europe is the name given to an undeniably interesting project proposed by the wife of the President of U. S. Steel Kosice, Susan Lohr, which has already attracted its first participants. Its aim is to support Kosice in an untraditional way in the city's candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2013.

A new course record is born

Sunday, October 7th 2007 will be recorded in gold letters in the history of the Kosice Peace Marathon. On that day, that is, the course record of 2h12m35s set by the Pole Adam Dobrzynski back in 2004 was overcome. For the first time the boundary of the record for the oldest marathon in Europe was shifted below 2h10m thanks to 23-year-old Kenyan William Biama, who finished in 2h09m53s. This relatively unknown runner, who was in fact running just the third marathon of his life in Kosice, improved the course record by 2m42s. For this impressive performance he won 18 000 euro, which the organizers had put up as a bonus for the winner beating the boundary of 2h11m.
With this course record, the Kosice Marathon has ranked itself among the best marathons not only on the Old Continent, but in the world as a whole. There was a very pleasant surprise in the sixth place achieved by our U. S. Steel Kosice colleague Imrich Pastor, a Power Division employee and member of Obal Servis Kosice running club. The group of 42 women in the race was dominated by last year's winner from Belarus Natalia Kuleshova, who won with a time of 2h34m50s. Our two steelmakers were Erika Billa, who came home in tenth place, and Alzbeta Tiszova, who completed her jubilee 100th marathon by crossing the line in the women's race in 13th spot. Part of this year's Kosice Peace Marathon event, among other disciplines, was the Mini-marathon, with 1500 runners taking part including steelmakers and American managers with their families.


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