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Highlights of 44/2007

Created: 11/5/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 44/2007

House of Quiet Agedness visited by great volunteer party

Last Sunday, October 27th, the House of Quiet Agedness on Juzna trieda (South Drive) in Kosice was visited by a great party of volunteers. Thirty people determined to finish off the work they began in the summer during the U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days. There was so much work at that time in the extensive park that it was beyond human strength to manage everything they had originally promised. They resolved then that they would return here, and last weekend the most "faithful" returned here to fulfil their resolution.
Lending a hand in this joint work were Company President David H. Lohr and Vice-president Technology Patrick J. Mullarkey, and the volunteer work could not go ahead without the Markoczy family, Roman Jesensky, Ludmila Jurickova, Marian Fecko, Pavel Babej, Ludmila Lukacova and Janet Weberova, Quality Manager Automotive Zoltan Baksay, pensioner Teodor Laczo coming to help the good cause, as well as seven students involved in the U. S. Steel Kosice Scholarship Program, but also the girls from the Kosice basketball team led by the General Manager of the club Kosit 2013 Kosice, Daniel Jendrichovsky.

New galvanizing line material quality under watchful eye of technology

The team of people who took part in preparing and setting HDG Line no.3 into operation naturally included specialists from the quality management department. Supervision of the process was entrusted to the Finishing Division process metallurgist, galvanizing line specialist Julius Boszormenyi. He worked in the group of Patrick McTiver, Peter Baksay and Jaroslav Habala, who were among the first to be involved in the process, from as early as 2005. At the outset the work was mainly consultations, training and discussions with the project engineering team, but later research was added, both locally and in the United States, for the development of qualitatively distinct products for the new line.
At least once every week the team met up with colleagues from Business Service Center Europe (BSCe) for preparation of information about product quality, with Labortest they discussed which instruments would be necessary for testing product quality, there were meetings with the production planning, CTS and output quality control people, and of course with staff from the QMS Department, responsible for the process management of quality. The quality of material from the new galvanizing line is watched by an inspection camera system which is able to survey the strip surface and spot defects even at high rates of strip passage.

USSK award to Austria

Last Friday, October 26th, saw the judging of the 34th edition of the annual international film festival called Ekotopfilm 2007, which took place in Bratislava last week with U. S. Steel Kosice as the general sponsor. The Grand Prix Ekotopfilm 2007 and the SR Government's Award were won by the Italian film "Born for Flying", directed by Marco Visalbergi. The main award in category A - popular scientific, science and technology - the U. S. Steel Kosice Award, went to director Steve Nicholls in Austria for his film Miracle of Motion. Kosice people have something to look forward to. In just under a month's time, from November 20 - 22, they will have the opportunity, just as the people of Bratislava, to see the best film presented at the festival Ekotopfilm 2007.

Drotar jubilant after ten years

Last weekend saw the climax in Kosice with the final event in this year's series of automobile races for the championship of Slovakia. This event took the form of the 33rd edition of the annual Rally Tempus Becep Kosice, supported again this year, like last year, by U. S. Steel Kosice in the position of principal advertizing sponsor. The best performance was by Igor Drotar from Presov with navigator Vladimir Banoci in their Skoda Octavia WRC.


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