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Highlights of 01/2008

Created: 1/7/2008
Author: Recorded by: Jozef MARSALA, Marian HUTNAN
Category: 01/2008

Year of success, safe work and health for all

A few hundreds of U. S. Steel Kosice employees who were passing through the gatehouse No. 2 had opportunity to meet the company President Mr. David H. Lohr, Chairman of Labor Unions organization METALURG USSK Mr. Mikulas Dula, Lord Mayor of city Kosice Mr. Frantisek Knapik, Vice President Operations Mr. Matthew Perkins, Vice President Human Resources Mr. Martin Pitorak, Vice President of External Services and Relations Management Mr. Miroslav Kiralvarga and Director PR Mr. Jan Baca. They came to thank steelmaking workers for work performed during year 2007 and express their wishes of health, career success and personal comfort in the incoming new year. The gatehouse atmosphere was enhanced with a musical duo. "We haven' t played at such place yet but it is very interesting," said sympathetic saxophone player Gapa and keyboards player Martin. They had been filling in the hall with rhythmical tones for approx. 2 hours and, as was later proven, the innovative feature of the New Year's Eve meeting of the company Top Management and the employees had success.

I am honored with opportunity to perform in Slovakia

Newly appointed ambassador of the U.S.A. in the Slovak Republic Mr. Vincent Obsitnik had visited company U. S. Steel Košice before Christmas. He was appointed an ambassador of the U. S. A. in the Slovak Republic by the American President Mr. George W. Bush on Nov 07, 2007 as a successor of Mr. Rodolphe Vallee who had discharged the mentioned office for two years. The new American ambassador had visited Slovakia frequently before, at least once a two-three years and almost every year lately. During his first business trip around the Eastern Slovakia before Christmas, he met the company President Mr. David H. Lohr and another members of USSK Top Management and viewed a few Steel Shops operations. The weekly "Ocel vychodu" took a chance and asked Mr. V. Obsitník, native of Slovak village Moravany nearby Michalovce for an interview:

Your Excellence, we have heard your wonderful Slovak language in TV and radio. Can we talk in your mother language?
- Of course we can, it will be my pleasure.

What is the mission you are coming with from the American President to Slovakia - a place of your new diplomatic mission?
- I will make attempt to explain our international politics in order to strengthen our mutual relations between USA and Slovakia. I will try to reinforce and expand our contacts in other areas as well - e.g. in culture and education. And finally, I am interested in Slovak success in area of visa-free contacts with the States.

How do you feel coming to your motherland as an ambassador of other country?
- It is unbelievable feeling and a big honor - to be an American and ambassador in other country. It is hard to believe that I came to Slovakia since, as you certainly know, originally I had to be appointed an ambassador in Slovenia. Just by chance, they had asked me if I would be interested to come to Slovakia at the time when my predecessor was leaving Slovakia. I couldn' t refuse such offer.

It would represent a symbolical act if withdrawn visa duty with USA was announced by Slovak native and American national. To your opinion, will this expectation of Slovak people come soon true?
- I have frequently asked myself such question but answer is rather difficult. I think it will neither long nor short time. We have to cooperate on this issue. We Americans have to do some work and the Slovaks also have to do something. The faster and better we do it, the more successful we will be.


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