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Highlights of 22/2008

Created: 6/2/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Marian HUTNAN
Category: 22/2008

U. S. Steel's John Goodish named Steelmaker of the Year at AISTech 2008

John H. Goodish, executive vice president and chief operating officer, United States Steel Corporation, was named "Steelmaker of the Year" at AISTech 2008 - The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exhibition, organized by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST). The Steelmaker of the Year Award is presented annually by AIST to recognize notable leaders and their contributions to the steel industry.
Goodish, who received the honor on May 6 during the conference's annual President's Award Breakfast, was cited for his leadership in workplace safety, his commitment to world-class results and his diligence in managing the company's successful acquisitions and business integrations. Goodish was lauded for his "relentless and untiring work ethic and constant drive to be the best, which have been instrumental in expanding the global business platform of the United States Steel Corporation." On accepting the award, Goodish said many people were responsible for his receiving the award. He thanked the executives at United States Steel Corporation, stating "it is not one individual, it is a team effort". He then thanked the 50,000 men and women of U.S. Steel worldwide, saying that their efforts in the areas of safety, quality, environmental, cost and productivity made it possible for him to receive the award.

Kosice steelmakers may be an example to others

"The quality management system at U. S. Steel Kosice may be an example for the whole of Europe. The way it functions, and the way the employees have mastered it. It is of a high standard," remarked TÜV NORD Slovakia auditor Ivan Janek on Thursday of last week, May 22nd, concluding the four-day audit of USSK's quality management system. The evaluation involved the participation of USSK GM Quality Zoltan Baksay and QMS Director Eva Molnarova, as well as many other Company managers. During their 2nd re-inspection audit in line with ISO/TS 16949 and renewal audit in line with ISO 9001, the auditors analyzed the managerial, principal and auxiliary processes linked with production of hot- and cold-rolled sheets for the automotive industry, and the development and production of steel slabs, hot- and cold-rolled sheets, coated and special cold-rolled sheets, pipes and radiators.
The auditors found no discrepancies, and praised the special care and attention given by Company management to quality management, whether for production and processes, occupational safety, or the environment. They appreciated the work done by the QMS Department led by Eva Molnarova in establishing such a precisely-designed QM system, and their coordination of all activities in such a way that the Company workforce could become familiar with them as soon as possible, despite constant changes. For the first time USK achieved 100 per cent supplier performance for the automotive industry, which means that there are no delays in deliveries of products for these customers.

We support the community

It's probably true to say that there will never be enough sports-grounds. They provide the right space for meaningful spending of free time, for exercise and for sports activities. For children, youth and adults alike. Since its own establishment, U. S. Steel Kosice has supported their setting-up, whether in towns or villages, or at educational institutions. In the last two years alone, thanks to the Company's assistance many certificated children's playgrounds and sports-grounds have been successfully modernized, or built and put into use, both around the city itself, but also further afield. Others have just started being created. Time has shown that this support from the Kosice steelworks, which wants to be a good neighbor to the community, is well-placed. The sight of a sports-ground full of young people keen on sports and children just playing around is confirmation of this. Today's Ocel Vychodu devotes a special supplement to this topic on pages 13 to 16.


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