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Highlights of 26/2008

Created: 6/30/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 26/2008

First lot of books from Pittsburgh arrives in Kosice

Children in the elementary schools on Kezmarska and Laca Novomeskeho streets in Kosice were very pleased recently to receive English books which had "immigrated" to Slovakia from the USA. Helping to arrange the collection for this first consignment of literature were Katherine Goodish, Albina Senkova from the Western Pennsylvania Slovak Cultural Association, AnnLee Sprinkles of Barnes and Nobles Booksellers, and Denisa Tucekova, wife of USSK GM Purchasing Martin Tucek. The collection was made up of donations from American and Slovak families, particularly of Kosice steelmakers working at the Pittsburgh headquarters. In the next few days another delivery of English literature is expected to arrive in Kosice from Pittsburgh.

Research staff in the USA

Two members of the USSK R&D staff, Andrej Lesko and Martin Cernik, attended the recent international conference ICOTOM 15 which took place in Pittsburgh and dealt with issues of textures in materials, and presented the work of the research team M. Cernik, A. Lesko, M. Predmersky and E. Hilinski on the Texture of Rolled Dynamo Sheets Subjected to X-Ray and Electron Diffraction Analysis.

U. S. Steel Kosice at the CWIEME fair in Berlin

There was plenty of interest from members of the public and customers, and from potential business partners as well, in the U. S. Steel Kosice stand at the recent 13th edition of the annual international trade fair CWIEME (Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing International Conference and Exhibition) in Berlin, Germany. This is the largest fair of its kind focusing on the production and processing of materials for the electrotechnical industry.

U. S. Steel Streetbasket Kosice 2008

A record 550 active players in 104 teams started in the first round competing in seven categories in this year's event named U. S. Steel Streetbasket Kosice 2008, which took place for the third time in the Steel Arena recently. At the same time sixteen youth teams tested their skills in five-a-side soccer as part of the culmination of the project entitled Take the ball, not drugs. Both events were sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice.


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