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Highlights of 28/2008

Created: 7/14/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Magdalena FECURKOVA
Category: 28/2008

Performance worthy of acknowledgement and appreciation

For more than one year now the employees of the Maintenance Services Division have managed to work without a single working injury. Perfect performance! Worthy of acknowledgement and appreciation. So as a mark of gratitude for this outstanding result, on Friday of last week, July 4th, Vice-president Operations Matthew Perkins invited eight managers from the Division to an informal lunch, which was also attended by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke. Sitting round the table together were GM Production Support Jan Vranec, Deputy GM Production Support Jan Petko, Maintenance Services Division Director Jozef Tutko, operational unit managers Peter Furka, Alfred Radvansky and Denis Spisak, support activities coordinator Marian Klein, and Marian Mino, representing the Primary Cranes unit manager Vlastimil Vlcej.
"The whole Corporation has high expectations in the area of occupational safety, and it gives me great pleasure to say that in the last few years we have managed to dramatically reduce the incidence of injuries," said the President. "And that is a very positive fact. High aims need people to take responsibility for achieving them, and specific measures have to be taken which are not always popular, as well as steps which are not always pleasant for everybody. But you are doing well in this sense, and by means of this meeting the management of our Company wants to express its gratitude and recognition for what you're doing and achieving in this area. The result of which is zero injuries for more than one year. Congratulations!"
The special guests were similarly congratulated on their excellent performance by Vice-president Operations Matthew Perkins. This result is all the more valuable, he emphasized, because the maintenance workers are not restricted to one workshop or hall in carrying out their work, but it's true to say that they move around the whole steelworks. "For employees who cover such a large territory, working for over a year without injury is truly an outstanding achievement. Thank you!"
The team of managers of the Maintenance Services Division were also thanked for this success, which all the employees share in, by GM Production Support Jan Vranec. Among other things he pointed out that the Division staff is responsible for maintaining cranes and crane tracks, and for the last two years for maintaining the buildings as well, and their work is all the more risky because 90 per cent of it is carried out at height. The progress we have made in the area of occupational safety was also appreciated, as George Babcoke said, by former President John H. Goodish, currently Executive Vice-president and COO United States Steel Corporation, during his recent visit to the Kosice steelworks.

We are thinking about the future

On Wednesday of last week, July 2nd, there was a working meeting on U. S. Steel Kosice premises, to which USSK GM Human Resources Sourcing and Development Milan Polca and his team invited the principals of selected specialized secondary schools. With representatives from the Electrotechnical School, Engineering School and Railways Vocational School in Kosice, they discussed the ways and possibilities for cooperation in the coming years. Based on its model of cooperation with the Metallurgy Vocational School in Kosice-Saca, and with regard to its employment policy aims, U. S. Steel Kosice plans to apply a similar model of cooperation with the other specialized secondary schools mentioned above. "We want to create space for pupils' personal growth and development, and opportunities for them either to find a suitable place in the USSK jobs market, or to continue with their studies at university somewhere," Milan Polca informed Ocel Vychodu.


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