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Highlights of 29/2008

Created: 7/21/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 29/2008

George F. Babcoke acknowledges people's work on HDG Line 3

At a working lunch yesterday, July 15th, U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke met the best part of thirty Company employees who each played an important part in getting Hot-dip Galvanizing Line No.3 running. This event was also attended by Vice-presidents Martin Pitorak, Matthew B. Perkins, Patrick J. Mullarkey, William C. King, Andrew S. Armstrong and General Counsel John F. Wilson. All of the invited steelmakers received tokens of appreciation in the form of books and Holiday Pass vouchers. In the informal discussion the guests recalled the time when the new line was being built, shared their experience from the start-up of the plant, and spoke about the present and future production capacities of the line.

Half-time in the Continuous Cost-reduction Program

In the first half of this year the team of Kosice steelmakers has succeeded in fulfilling and even exceeding the planned objectives in the Continuous Cost-reduction Program. Most of this year's projects are aimed at saving materials and energy, and reducing production costs. The greatest share of the common package has been contributed by Primary operations, mainly the Steel Plants and Power Engineering Division, with Purchasing as the leading sector. Many of these "live" projects feature active input from the specialist departments as well, for example Best Practices, Quality or Environment.

Subsidiaries invest in modernization

The aim of this year's capital investment by the subsidiaries of U. S. Steel Kosice is modernization of their production facilities and improvement of environmental quality. At Refrako, for example, they will be continuing with installation, following on from last year's first phase, of a production line for refractory concrete mixtures and materials, and installation of a horizontal securing system improving the working safety of crane operators and crane track maintenance staff. At Labortest, on the other hand, they are staking their future on modernization of their instrument equipment. Reliningserv have been using a more modern, automated control system for drying ladles for several months now. Their new investment will lead to a marked improvement in the ladle drying process itself, and in occupational safety as well.

Martin Tucek becomes GM Purchasing

Following the departure of USSK GM Purchasing Deborah A. Grabe for the USA, where she currently holds the post of GM Commercial Planning for the U. S. Steel Corporation, her position in Kosice has been taken over by Martin Tucek. He started working at the steelworks in 1990 after graduating from the Technical University in Kosice. He gained his first experience in the Steel Plants division, and later held several positions in the marketing, sales and customer service departments. In 2001 he was appointed GM Sales in Serbia, and from May 2005 until May of this year he worked at the U. S. Steel headquarters in Pittsburgh as Mill Marketer for the operations in Mon Valley, and for tin-plate sheets from Gary Works, Midwest and East Chicago.


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