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Highlights of 34/2008

Created: 8/25/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 34/2008

EDMS III in full operation

Last week, after 42 days of intensive preparation, U. S. Steel Kosice set the Electronic Document Management System EDMS III into full operation. The newest version of this system supplements the modules currently in use, EDMS I from 2004 and EDMS II from 2006. The new system brings greater ease to users working with documentation. Whereas the old pyramid worked in a manual regime, serving only for searching through documentation and the manual entering of data, in the new system the work with documents starting with proposals through commenting and authorization to filing is fully automated. The system is more intelligible and searching is more straightforward.

Subsidiaries contribute to costs-saving program

Fulfilling the aims of the Continuous Costs Reduction Program, which U. S. Steel Kosice has been implementing since 2002, relies also on the active, long-term involvement of the Company's seven subsidiaries. Since the beginning of this year they have been responsible for a combined total of 14 projects. Eleven of these are focused on reducing their own costs, while the remaining three are expected to result in not inconsiderable savings for the divisional plants of the parent company. The benefits from implementation of these projects so far have risen to 17.6 million SKK, and according to USSK GM Subsidiaries and Employers Associations Stanislav Barica, by the end of this year they should achieve a further 8 million SKK in savings. The greatest share in this common effort is being contributed by OBAL-SERVIS a.s. Kosice, Refrako s.r.o. and U. S. Steel Kosice - SBS s r.o.

How to recognize risks

On Monday of this week the American managers at U. S. Steel Kosice became the first in the Company to take part in the corporate safety training session named Risk Recognition and Accident Prevention. Over the coming months the other employees of the steel company will also be undergoing the same training. This interactive session focuses on identification of risky conditions, risky behavior and risky zones. At the same time the employees will practice taking five-minute Safety Breaks.

Metal Inspirations 2008 workshop begins

The international workshop named Metal Inspirations 2008, which begins today, August 20th, in Kosice, has attracted more than 20 designers, students and teachers, from six colleges and universities in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Scotland and the Czech Republic. This event has been prepared for the seventh time now by the Design Department of the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University in Kosice in cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice. During the next ten days the designers will be working with assistance from the craftsmen in charge of special training at the Metallurgy Vocational School in Saca to create artworks from metal on the theme "Welcome to Kosice". This creative workshop is one of the program of events supporting Kosice's candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2013.


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