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Highlights of 37/2008

Created: 9/15/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 37/2008

Awards for Kosice steelmakers

On September 5th Banska Stiavnica was the venue for the all-Slovakian celebrations of Miners', Geologists', Metallurgists' and Oilmens' Day. Six steelmakers from U. S. Steel Kosice received ministerial decorations from the Minister for Trade and Industry of the Slovak Republic. Ministerial badges of honor "For Loyalty At Work" were presented to Jozef Gburik from the Cokery Division, Frantisek Joska from USSK subsidiary Reliningserv, s.r.o., Jan Kmet from the Coated Products Division, former Secondary Metallurgical Products Division employee Jan Lelko and Jan Zelo from USSK subsidiary Labortest, s.r.o.
A ministerial badge of honor "For Dedication At Work" was presented to Stefan Niznik from the Mechanics Division. The official awards presentations to 41 employees of member companies of the Association of Metallurgical, Oil and Gas Industries and Geology of the Slovak Republic was attended by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and USSK Vice President Management Services and Administration Miroslav Kiralvarga, who is at the same time President of the Association. The importance of the event was highlighted by the presence of Slovak National Council Chairman Pavol Paska and SR Environment Minister Jan Chrbet.

To Brno in the spirit of automobile development

On Monday, September 15th, the doors open at the International Engineering Trade Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, and this is the fiftieth time that this trade fair is taking place. The list of this year's exhibitors of course includes U. S. Steel Kosice, and the whole exhibition is going on in the spirit of automobile development. Visitors will be able to look round some historical motor vehicles, as well as some futuristic designs and scale models of cars created by students of the College of Visual Arts and the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. The USSK pavilion is made even more special with artworks in steel made by young designers in Kosice at the recent 7th international workshop named Metal Inspirations 2008. This trade fair will also be an opportunity for many meetings with customers, and there will of course be the now traditional Slovak Day, which the SR Minister for Trade and Industry is expected to attend.

Vulkmont with certificates

In the last few days, USSK subsidiary Vulkmont, a.s. Kosice has successfully completed the audit and started using its environmental management system in line with the standard EN ISO 14001:2005. This is confirmed by the certificate issued to Vulkmont by the certification company TÜV SÜD Slovakia. Together with their already-developed quality management system in line with EN ISO 9001:2001, this represents the achievement of one of the two goals the company management has set itself for the year 2008. The other is to gain a certificate for their occupational safety and health management system in compliance with the OHSAS 18001 guideline.

U. S. Steel Kosice Olympic Summer Games

Last weekend was given over to the 18th edition of the Olympic Summer Games for employees of U. S. Steel Kosice. The competitions were entered by the best part of 1270 sportspeople. For the first three places in each of twelve competitions for individuals and teams in various age categories, a total of 114 cups and 296 gold, silver and bronze medals were presented. The title of Olympian of the year, based on the combined number of points gained for competition placings in both winter and summer games this year, went to Lucia Petrovicova from the staff of GM Analysis and Statistics.


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