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Highlights of 38/2008

Created: 9/22/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 38/2008

John P. Surma at USSK

Last Wednesday, September 10th, the U. S. Steel Kosice steelworks were visited by Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John P. Surma. Accompanied by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and other managers, he was interested in seeing for himself the stage which has been reached in the reconstruction and modernization work on blast furnace no.1. "It is good to see the progress made in some areas and my most important impression is that there is very good attention paid to safety, all of our employees as well as contractors are very clearly focuses on safety of the project which is most important. It is also very enjoyable for me to see the Blast Furnace project brought way through, to see the old and the new and understand the plan - as I heard from Mr. Babcoke and our management team - we have a good plan and we are making good progress. I am more excited to see the progress, I am more excited to see the completion, so we wish all of them good luck," John Surma told Ocel Vychodu.

Public collection for Croatia tragedy victims

U. S. Steel Kosice and the City of Kosice have set up a public account for voluntary cash contributions to help the victims and the survivors following the tragic coach accident in Croatia on September 7th, in which 14 Kosice people died and over 20 were injured. The steel company has made the first deposit in this account with the sum of one million Slovak crowns. These funds are intended for paying the costs of the victims' funerals and covering the further requirements of their survivors, as well as the treatment of the injured. This account has been opened at the Kosice branch of Dexia banka Slovensko, the account number is 0516007019/5600, and the variable symbol is 79. The account will be kept open for a year, until September 10th 2009.

Corporate programs full-scale for Kosice too

The department of USSK GM Safety and Industrial Hygiene is issuing new types of documents for occupational safety and health protection entitled General Safety Procedures (GSP). These replace the previously-valid technical and organizational guidelines and instructions, as well as the current occupational safety orders. The aim of this transformation of the documentation into GSP, based on the Pittsburgh model named Corporate Guidelines, is to bring up to date, standardize and apply these guidelines as far as possible along corporate lines, while they also contain the necessary legal requirements to comply with current legislation in the Slovak Republic in the field of occupational safety and health protection regarding working activities and equipment in life-threatening situations.

George F. Babcoke meets best Company Olympic sportspeople and organizers

Yesterday, September 17th, U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke met the Company's six best sportspeople - the most successful participants in the Company Olympic winter and summer games 2008 - and six volunteer organizers of the sports involved. He expressed his appreciation of their versatility, sporting successes and their enthusiasm in preparing the championship competitions for the steelmakers.


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