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Highlights of 01/2009

Created: 1/5/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 01/2009

New Year's Eve tradition continues

U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and top managers of the Company together with Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trades Union Council Chairman Mikulas Hintos and Kosice City Mayor Frantisek Knapik, as is now the tradition, came round to see the steelworks employees at work shortly before the coming of the New Year. They made use of the changeover between shifts in the last few hours of the year 2008 for some short meetings with the steelmakers, to thank them for the work they have done and to wish them every success in 2009.

Proceeds from public fund-raising

The net proceeds from the official public fund-raising organized by the U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation between December 5th and 23rd 2008 at the USSK stall on the Main Street in Kosice during the Kosice Christmas Market period came to a total of 5 250.67 € (158 181.68 SKK). The sum collected, which was higher than last year's, has been shared out on the basis of deeds of donation among the nineteen organizations that presented themselves to the public at the Company stall.

New training center for vocational school in Saca

In the last few days the Secondary Vocational School in Kosice-Saca, which educates future steelmakers, has opened a new Training Center for Assembly and Disassembly. This is a workplace focusing on the teaching and training of skills in assembly and disassembly work that is required in the maintenance of mechanical equipment. The Center originated with additional input from U. S. Steel Kosice, and is a further step in the modernization of conditions for preparing future specialists in the vocational branch of repair mechanic for machines and equipment and the study branches of metallurgist operator and mechanic for machines and equipment.

Fire-fighters with new technology

At the latest fire-fighting training session for the staff of the U. S. Steel Kosice Works Fire Department, a new fire-fighters' ladder made its debut which will help especially with putting out fires at heights. The ladder is multi-functional in use, as the vehicle it stands on is also equipped with a high-performance pump (4000 liters per hour) as well as tanks for transporting fire-fighting media - water and concentrated foam. It also has a large cab that can take up to six people. The maximum working height of the new ladder is around 32 meters.


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