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Highlights of 04/2009

Created: 1/26/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 04/2009

Another bistro is opened

Monday of this week saw the opening of another "bistro" quick-service refreshment point at the steelworks. This catering facility in the Steel Plant 1 snack-bar offers employees hot food with a choice of ready meals. This bistro will be open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. This year USSK plans to open similar bistros in another three snack-bars around the works. The expansion of quick-service refreshments should increase the availability of hot meals for people working on shifts, thus increasing their satisfaction at work.

Training program for electricians

Specialist staff in the department of the Director for Safety of Special Technology have prepared a training program specifically for electricians. This course aims to increase understanding of the risks and dangers connected with working on electrical equipment as well as the correct forms of protection against such risks. Participants in the program will be familiarized with the new regulation on protection from electric arcs and associated laws and standards affecting electricians at work, as well as the proper selection of personal protective working equipment.

A world without stories = A tree without roots

A new book rich in interesting stories from yesteryear was recently officially introduced to the public in Kosice by the "Prave orechove" ("Real Thing") Literary Society. Entitled "A world without stories = A tree without roots", it provides a unique insight into the way of thinking and the imagination of past generations and the life-stories of real people who may not have created history themselves, but who were directly affected by the consequences of all the twists and turns of history. The book originated within the "Together for the Region" grant program, which was set up jointly by the Carpathian Foundation and U. S. Steel Kosice. The authors listened to accounts of events told by the oldest inhabitants of the villages in the surrounding area, and then remolded them into short stories. The illustrations are the work of USSK employee Jana Slosarova.

Audio amplifier goes to Barcelona

Ivan Hospodar and Anton Vlcej, students at the Vocational School for Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca, which prepares specialist workers also for U. S. Steel Kosice, have progressed with their multifunctional audio amplifier project to the international round of Expo Science in Barcelona. Their trip to Spain is based on their success in the Slovakian competition for science and technology projects and research work by young people under 20 years of age, organized by AMAVET, the Association for Youth, Science and Technology. The boys specialize in electronics at school, and it is also their hobby.


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