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Highlights of 06/2009

Created: 2/9/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM,Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 06/2009

USSK employees' Winter Olympics held

The Jahodna recreation center was the venue last Saturday, February 14th, for the 8th edition of the annual Winter Olympic Games for the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice. The event was opened by USSK President George F. Babcoke, and the participants were greeted also by Metalurg Trades Union Council Chairman Mikulas Hintos. Lining up at the start for the giant slalom skiing and snowboarding competitions were 215 racers altogether, ranging from just four to over 70 years of age. The event also included a children's winter carnival.

Discussions on occupational safety in the Company

Managers from the operations sector of U. S. Steel Kosice held discussions last Friday, February 13th, attended by Vice President Operations Matthew B. Perkins, on the topic of occupational safety at the steelworks over the past month. They analyzed the injuries that occurred at work, focused on safety talks, and spoke about the benefits of workplace orderliness audits. The Vice President expressed his appreciation for the amount of work that has been done by safety staff at the Cold Strip Mill Division.

Kathleen Babcoke visits retired USSK employees

Last Thursday, February 12th, U. S. Steel Kosice President's wife Kathleen Babcoke and Maria Kiralvargova, wife of Vice President Management Services and Administration, visited the members of the Jesen zivota (Autumn of Life) Senior Citizens' Club. This new year visit was an opportunity for the former steelmakers to familiarize their visitors with the sort of activities the Club can offer its members. The guests took great interest in the cultural program, and could not refuse a helping of traditional Slovak cabbage soup.

Public fund-raising proceeds reach recipients

In the last few days the U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation passed on the net proceeds - 5 250.67 a (158 181.56 SKK) - from the authorized public fund-raising organized by the Foundation between December 5th and 23rd 2008 at the USSK hut on the Main Street during the Kosice Christmas Market, the annual event put on by the City of Kosice. The proceeds were distributed on the basis of donation contracts among 17 organizations to support the activities which they presented to the public during the Christmas Market period.


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