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Highlights of 26/2009

Created: 6/29/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 26/2009

Labortest: a million hours without injury

U. S. Steel Kosice subsidiary Labortest, s.r.o. can now also boast of having completed one million working hours without injury. After Vulkmont this is the steel company's second "daughter" to achieve this remarkable success. The team's work was acknowledged on Friday of last week, July 3rd, by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke together with Vice Presidents Miroslav Kiralvarga and Patrick J. Mullarkey at a working lunch with eleven representatives of Labortest.
The meeting was also attended by General Manager Subsidiaries and Employers' Associations Marcel Palai. "We are a firm that has the standard for occupational safety set very high," the President emphasized to all present, "but we are also a firm that can appreciate good results. Today's meeting is that kind of opportunity. I highly appreciate the work you have done in achieving this success. It is the result of your management skills and teamwork. Your success is more proof that we can achieve the zero injury rate," stated George Babcoke.

College students' summer internship starts

Wednesday of last week, July 1st, saw the start of the summer internship at U. S. Steel Kosice for 33 fourth-year students from Kosice's universities. This is now the eighth edition in a row of this annual activity, and this year's program for the young people, two thirds of whom are students of the Technical University in Kosice, is due to last one month. Three days in the week the students will be working under the leadership of mentors in selected workplaces in operations and in specialized organizational units, and in the remaining two days they will be focusing on personal development.

Ground Water Protection Project No.3 is getting under way

Eighteen months is the planned implementation time for the capital investment project with ecological character named Ground Water Protection Project No.3, which is starting at U. S. Steel Kosice this month. This project deals with the management of dangerous chemical substances in specified operations at the steelworks. The aim is to implement corrective measures and bring the management of dangerous chemical substances into line with the national law on water.


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