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Highlights of 27/2009

Created: 7/6/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 27/2009

Cameras to monitor chimneys

The chimneys of the pusher furnaces at U. S. Steel Kosice's Hot Strip Mill are to be monitored by video cameras. In this way the division management intends to improve protection of the environment, because the camera system is going to be linked with control of the pusher furnace operation. The plant operating staff in the control room will have online feedback available as to whether solid pollutants are escaping into the atmosphere as a result of imperfect fuel combustion. If so, the staff will immediately be able to take corrective measures. The system not only enables the camera feed to be displayed but also to be archived in case of the need for retrospective analysis.

Turbogenerator 2 overhaul proceeds

Since July 1st the general overhaul of turbogenerator 2 at the Power Engineering Division has been going ahead again, having been put on hold in October of last year. The repairs will contribute to improving the reliability of the plant's operation, which will enable the share of electrical energy produced by U. S. Steel Kosice to be increased, in turn reducing the amount of bought-in power. Turbogenerator 2 has been in operation since 1962, and the Power staff intend to bring the renovated plant into operation again early in September of this year.

Your Chance To Play program continues

Three years have passed since the U. S. Steel Kosice support program for young sports people, called Your Chance To Play, was announced. Children with sporting talent who were not able to develop their gift simply because the cost of financing their sports activity was too great a burden on their family budget, have been given that opportunity. The chance to make use of this support from the Kosice steelworks was given first of all to young ice-hockey players, then it was the turn of the girl basketball players, and finally also of the soccer talents. During the course of three years the Company has supported the training process for the best part of 200 children. In the 2006/2007 school year, 37 young hockey players and 26 basketball players got the chance to develop their talents, and a year later it was 44 hockey players, 19 basketball players and 6 soccer players. Last year support was provided for 46 hockey players , 14 basketball players and 5 soccer players.
U. S. Steel Kosice intends to continue with its support program for young sports people - hockey players, basketball players and soccer players from socially-disadvantaged families - through the coming school year as well. Just as in previous years, there will soon be a selection of talents before the next lot of youngsters are given places on the program.


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