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Highlights of 28/2009

Created: 7/13/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 28/2009

Cameras to monitor chimneys

The construction of a new facility for desulfurizing cokery gases on the premises of the Chemia operation at the Cokery Division is using space freed up by the removal of old, unused buildings. Two weeks ago the 30-meter brick chimney for the old pipe furnace was razed to the ground together with a concrete fire-protection wall, and in the last few days the so-called potash building disappeared from the face of the earth. All of these buildings were non-functional and had been out of use for several years, except for the potash building, which had been serving as storage space. The removal was carried out by a specialized demolition firm. Explosive charges were used under strict safety conditions. In early August the last couple of buildings preventing the construction of the desulfurizing facility will be removed - the cooling towers.

New generation cable connection

The modernization of U. S. Steel Kosice's input substation, which is part of the steelworks' new link-up with the 400 kV very high tension electricity supply network, is currently 80 per cent complete. The new transformers are rigged out, and the fitters are getting on with connecting up the cables for the tertiary output from the 400 kV units. For this output they are installing new generation equipment - a special cable conductor which replaces the six original classic cables in one phase, each one being 500 square millimeters in cross-section. This is operationally the most reliable solution, minimizing and simplifying maintenance and reducing installation costs.

E-learning courses are beneficial

The possibility of developing and improving their knowledge and skills by means of self-directed study is currently available to U. S. Steel Kosice employees through nine e-learning courses. Six of them are in fact brand-new. They comprise management courses dealing with time-management issues, presentational skills, team-work, problem-solving and decision-making, balancing work and personal life, and motivating people. During the few weeks since the launch of these management training e-learning courses, the Human Resources staff have recorded the best part of 2850 people completing one or more of them.


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