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Highlights of 29/2009

Created: 7/20/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 29/2009

Sidewalks, roads and level-crossings reconditioned

Last week, after the best part of four months work, the road maintenance team completed the repairs to the roads and sidewalks around the U. S. Steel Kosice works. They scraped and cleaned up damaged sections of road and laid new asphalt surfaces. As well as filling up potholes, they rebuilt some continuous lengths of road which are most frequently used by heavy vehicles, and they also renewed the road-surface traffic markings.
Altogether they renewed almost 3200 square meters of sidewalk, eliminated nearly 1400 square meters of potholes, and repaired more than 8000 square meters of road. The weather is also being favorable to the railway level-crossing repair team. Of the twelve crossings requiring general or medium overhauls due to their unsatisfactory technical state, they have already managed to repair eight, they are currently working on two more, leaving just two awaiting their attention. The repair team intend to complete their work on the crossings by the end of August. These reconditioned sidewalks, roads and level-crossings will improve the safety standard for employees in the workplace.

Steelmakers' sports day this Saturday

This coming Saturday, August 1st, the Fun-Sports Area on Alejova Street in Kosice will see the best part of 300 steelmakers, little as well as large, coming together for the annual Families Do Sport event. The program will be opened at ten o'clock by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke. Enrolled families will be taking part in tournaments of volleyball, soccer, darts, table-tennis and chess. The organizers, USSK Public Affairs Department, have also prepared a great range of activities for children. The HC Kosice ice-hockey players will also be joining the steelmakers, there will be dog-handlers showing off the skills of their trained dogs, there will be performances by acrobats, usicians and dancers, and of course there will be the ever-popular creative activities. The winners of the individual tournaments, as well as the most active family, being announced for the first time this year, will receive diplomas, cups and attractive prizes.

Summer camp for young ice-hockey hopefuls

The ice-rink in the Kosice Steel Arena is this week once again occupied by hockey players. On Monday the renewed HC Kosice hockey team skated out on the ice for the first time after their summer break, and in the afternoon it was the turn of the young hopefuls taking part in the summer hockey school to lace on their skates. These include children involved in U. S. Steel Kosice's Your Chance To Play program, which is intended to support children with sporting talents coming from socially-disadvantaged families. At the end of this hockey camp, on Friday of this week, the President of HC Kosice and USK Vice President Miroslav Kiralvarga will personally present them with certificates of participation in the summer school.


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