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Highlights of 38/2009

Created: 9/21/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 38/2009

USSE R&D team reach 3 million injury-free working hours

Three million man-hours without injury - this is the remarkable result achieved just recently by the team of nearly one hundred employees in the USSE Research and Development Division. They have not recorded any injury in the past fifteen years in fact, even though compared to the past they have increased their share of technical assistance provided to the operational units, which also involves spending more time in the plants themselves. Their last working injury was registered in 1994.
On Thursday of last week, September 24th, ten managers from this Division attended a working lunch (one of the ways in which the Company marks occasions of outstanding results and shows its appreciation to employees) and heard words of acknowledgment from U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke. Also present at the meeting were Vice President Technology Vladimir Jacko and Metalurg Trades Union Staff Units Chapter Chairman Frantisek Ujlaki.

Julius Lang joins Automobile Industry Association Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Slovak Republic's Automobile Industry Association has approved the appointment of U. S. Steel Kosice General Manager Marketing and Strategic Planning Julius Lang as one of its new members. This automobile industry interest group was set up in Slovakia in 1993, and it currently comprises 147 member companies - manufacturers and suppliers of products for the automotive industry. Its aim is above all to support the development of the automobile and associated supply industry as a specific branch of Slovakian industry, as well as its presentation at home and abroad.
The membership of the Association includes all the important automobile producers in Slovakia, in particular Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s., PCA Slovakia, and KIA Motors Slovakia. The Association is a joint member of SAP (the Czech Republic's Automobile Industry Association), and since 2002 it has also been a member of ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association). U. S. Steel Kosice has been a member of the Association since 2001.

USSK subsidiary Reliningserv merges with Vulkmont

USSK subsidiary Reliningserv is to merge with Vulkmont effective October 1st. In this way one of the key points in the Company's strategy is being fulfilled, the aim of which is to consolidate the maintenance and production capacities in these two wholly-owned companies in order to improve their flexibility and competitiveness. Vulkmont started taking over activities from the other "subs" in line with this strategy several years ago. It has progressively taken over the activities of the former Slag Scrap, Selz, then Energoservis and Elektroservis, and now Reliningserv.

Labor contracts signed

Seventeen of the best pupils in the fourth grade at the Secondary Vocational School in Kosice-Saca have recently signed full-time labor contracts with U. S. Steel Kosice. These future metallurgical operators, metalworking and welding machine programmers, electrical mechanics and machine and equipment mechanics will be swelling the ranks of Kosice steelworks employees in the production operations from September 1st 2010. This signing of labor contracts with school pupils a year in advance has been made possible by the new law on vocational education, which came into force on September 1st this year.


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