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Highlights of 01/2010

Created: 1/4/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 01/2010

New Year meeting of USSK President with managers

On Monday of this week, January 4th, U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke held two New Year meetings with Company managers. He reiterated that last year was abnormally complicated for all of the world's steelmakers, and ultimately for all economic sectors, and went on to emphasize how highly he appreciated everything that the Kosice steelmakers had managed to do, in spite of the difficult conditions the Company had had to face due to the financial and economic crisis. He told that 2010 would be a very dynamic year which would demand more and more adaptability and flexibility from the Company team, especially the ability to react quickly to every new situation, and every order and requirement from customers. "We must do everything we can to maintain our competitiveness," the President stressed.

New tin-plating technique applied to canning sheets

U. S. Steel Kosice "tin-platers" have started the new year with a novelty - a new technique for tin-plating canning sheets using methane sulfonic acid (MSA). The Coated Products and Tin Mill Division implemented this change in the final processing of canning sheets in mid-December last year after the medium overhaul of electrolytic tinning plant no.1. The greatest benefit of this new technique is that it minimizes damage to the environment, which was the principal reason for the implementation of this project at U. S. Steel Kosice from the very commencement of its preparation.

Safety Manual and Child's Safety ID

Another of the projects which gained support last year within the joint grant program of U. S. Steel Kosice and the Carpathian Foundation, entitled "Together for the Region", has been successfully concluded. The not-for-profit civic association named the Centipede Maternity Center in Kosice, which was set up by a group of mothers on maternity leave and is now a member of the SR Maternity Centers Union, has turned a good idea into reality.
Their decided aim was to make the greatest possible contribution towards increasing parental informedness about ways of ensuring the safety of children up to three years of age in everyday as well as in critical situations. They decided to do this through the Safety Manual and Child's Safety ID project. The Safety Manual covers the basic principles of providing first aid to small children. In it parents will also find the Child's Safety ID, ready to be filled in with important information about the child who is the holder and his/her parents, including their blood group, allergies to specific medicines, the child's diagnosed illnesses if need be, and telephone contacts to both parents.


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