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Highlights of 03/2010

Created: 2/1/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 03/2010

Transport, Power and Maintenance with a million injury-free hours

Within a few days of each other in January, the U. S. Steel Kosice Transport, Power Engineering and Maintenance divisions all achieved the same success in the form of a million working hours without injury. They reached this target principally as a result of their preventative actions. The directors of the successful divisions all agree on one point: the crucial thing is to change people's thinking.

New General Counsel for U. S. Steel Kosice

Joseph A. Napoli is the new General Counsel at U. S. Steel Kosice. He took over this position on February 1st from John Frederick Wilson, who has returned to the Unites States after three yyears of work in Kosice.

Ten years of use of Slovakian Railways tracks by USSK Transport

Ten years ago U. S. Steel Kosice Transport division became the first organization in Slovakia to enter into competition with Slovakian Railways (ZSR). The principal argument speaking in favor of the decision was economic advantage. The Company pays the Railways only for usage of the railroad tracks, not for transport of goods. The train bearing the USS logo operates on the 22-kilometer stretch between Velka Ida and Turna nad Bodvou, transporting limestone extracted from the Vcelare quarry. During these ten years, nearly five million seven hundred and seventy thousand tons of this material has been transported for use in the USSK blast furnaces.

Tests check suppliers' knowledge

Since November 2009 U. S. Steel Kosice has been testing all employees of supplier companies on their knowledge of our occupational safety and health protection regulations. The tests focus mainly on the Cardinal Rules, but also cover areas of increased fire risk as well as anti-gas protection. The aim of these tests is to focus employees' attention in particular on keeping the safety rules that are currently in force.


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