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Highlights of 08/2010

Created: 4/12/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 08/2010

Meetings with employees

Last week, from April 7th to 9th, a series of meetings took place between the U. S. Steel Kosice management and employees. These events are organized by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke regularly once a year with the aim of informing the workforce about the current situation at this steelmaking company. At the same time the employees have the opportunity to get answers to any questions they would like to ask in connection with their work and life with the company. This also gives management the chance to hear and deal with the problems blighting the employees' lives.

Millionaires at Power Engineering

In the last few days the club of divisions and specialized departments at U. S. Steel Kosice whose membership depends on achieving one million man-hours of work without injury was also joined by the Power Engineering Division. Twelve of its employees together with Division Director Pavol Orszag had the opportunity on Tuesday, March 30th, to meet USSK President George F. Babcoke and among other things to discuss the steps which led them to this success. During the informal lunch, also attended by Vice President Operations Patrick J. Mullarkey, GM Occupational Safety and Hygiene Robert W. Kennedy and GM Production Support Jan Vranec, they spoke of their attitudes towards issues of maintaining work safety rules, but also of the problems and risks that the production of energy media brings with it.

Volunteer Days beckon

There is no lack of interest among steelmakers to join in the fourth edition of the annual "U. S. Steel for Kosice" Volunteer Days event in mid-May. Whole teams as well as individuals are applying for places. In the course of just less than two weeks, the planned capacity of places has been filled at the Rubikon Autistic Center, the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, the Union of Mutual Assistance of People and Dogs and the Vojenska Street Combined School in Kosice. There are not many other places left now, but skillful hands of volunteers from the ranks of the Kosice steelmakers are still welcome at St.Luke's Highly-specialized Geriatric Institute in Kosice, and volunteer blood donors are expected at the hematology and transfusions department of Saca Hospital at the polyclinic in the USSK Public Access Area. The closing date for applications is April 30th, which is just sixteen days away.
Bus transport will be laid on, not only for the volunteers who have signed up for work at the Zoo and the animal sanctuary near Haniska, but also for those who have decided for the Rubikon Autistic Center. The bus will be leaving from the parking lot in front of the railroad station, next to the city public transport bus-stops. Our partner for this year's "U. S. Steel for Kosice" project is once again the FRIGO Children's Organization. While the adults are working at the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, activity leaders will be treating their children to a varied and colorful program.


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