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Highlights of 09/2010

Created: 4/26/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 09/2010

Steelmakers collect over 4000 € for fighting cancer

Anti-Cancer League activists and volunteers from the ranks of the steelmakers worked together at U. S. Steel Kosice on April 26th raising funds for fighting cancer and helping patients with oncological diseases, and collected a total of 4022.26 a. This is the highest sum collected to date in the history of Daffodil Day.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products at Tube fair for first time

The company U. S. Steel Tubular Products from the United States was present for the first time at the 12th edition of the annual international Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from April 12th to 16th this year. This fair focuses on the technology of pipe and tube production, and the USS subsidiary presented a progressive form of threaded pipe connection which achieves better joint sealing properties. This is applied in making small-diameter pipes intended for the oil and gas industry. Although U. S. Steel Kosice did not have its own stand at Düsseldorf this year, sales executives led by USSK President George F. Babcoke met Company customers in Germany on April 13th to assess cooperation to date and talk about plans for the future.

HC Kosice successfully defends champions' title

Last Friday, April 23rd, the players of Kosice Ice-hockey Club took to the ice in front of 8300 spectators in the Steel Arena and successfully defended the title of Slovnaft Extra League Champions which they won last year. This gained them their fifth title in the Extra League in the history of independent Slovakia. They managed to do this by beating their great rivals Slovan Bratislava 5:2 in the sixth game of the final series, winning the series by four matches to two.

Metallographia 2010

Today, April 28th, sees the start in the High Tatras of the three-day materials science symposium named Metallography 2010. This event has been held at three-year intervals since 1969, and is organized by the Technical University in Kosice (TUKE) in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the branch of the Slovak Metallurgy Society at the Faculty of Metallurgy at TUKE, and the Research and Development Institute of USSE. This meeting of materials specialists from around Europe and overseas is an opportunity for exchanging the latest insights in the field of new materials development and for discussing problems in steel production which can be assisted by metallography.

Future steelmakers at specialist research conference

The 16th edition of the annual international students' specialist research conference entitled Metallurgy 2010 is being organized on April 30th by the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University in Kosice, with the participation of over 60 students on "bakalar" and "inzinier" degree courses at TUKE, the AGH University in Krakow and the College of Mining at the Technical University of Ostrava. The young researchers presented their work in five competition categories, and the jury featuring representatives of U. S. Steel Kosice gave awards to the students with the best productions.


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