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Highlights of 10/2010

Created: 5/10/2010
Author: Recorded by: Tim MARTIN, Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 10/2010

Among those awarded in Kosice are two employees of U. S. Steel Kosice

Celebrations this year for the city of Kosice days culminated on Friday May 7th, the day of the 641st anniversary of granting the coat-of-arms charter to the town of Cassovia by the ruler Ludovit Velky, rewarding the individuals and collectives which were deemed most deserving for spreading the good name of Kosice. The award for the city of Kosice was accepted by one employee of U. S. Steel Kosice Jozef Kolbasky for his contributions in the development of sporting activities for the blind and hard of sight. Also endorsed by the deputies of the city council was the collective of representative trainers of SR in sport karate for their long-term training of successful SR representatives and their exemplary representation of Slovakia and the city of Kosice. Julius Valenta, employee of the steelmaker, was one of the three trainers awarded.

Debating by the Trade union council OZ KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice

The hundred and sixteen delegates nominated by the founding organizations of the Trade union KOVO came together on April 29th in Kosice for the conference Trade union council OZ KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice, to evaluate their activities from the past year. From amongst the steelmakers partook the president of U. S. Steel Kosice George F. Babcoke, vicepresidents, general managers, directors of division plants and daughter companies of the steelworks. During their involvement in the first part of discussions they answered questions and remarks of the trade unions.

People from Kosice helping in Serbia

People of Kosice are helping in the reconstruction of blast furnace # 2 in the sister company U. S. Steel Serbia. These are not only firms currently active in Smeredevo, returning from Serbia over recent days was a trio of employees from the division of the general manager of U. S. Steel Kosice for occupational safety and hygiene. They supervised work safety. The Slovak firms working in Serbia, according to them, conducted themselves very responsibly and safely.

Journalists focus on safety

Aiming to ensure that Europe becomes a safer, healthier and more productive workplace, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is organizing various kinds of educational activities in all of the EU member states. Through its campaign entitled Healthy Workplace 2010-2011, it is encouraging employers themselves to contribute to the development of safe working practices. The Agency is implementing its aims in Slovakia using the Focal Point set up at the National Work Inspectorate in Kosice. One of its activities, which U. S. Steel Kosice has also been closely involved in organizing, was the working visit to the steelworks on April 27th by a group of local media representatives.
At their meeting with U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke, GM Safety and Industrial Hygiene Robert W. Kennedy and other Company managers, the journalists were familiarized with the firm's occupational safety and health policy and its application in practice. The journalists then went on a plant tour of the Hot Rolling Mill and Galvanizing Line No.3. They also visited the Cardinal Rules Training Center, which serves primarily for the practical training of our steelmakers.
Safety rules of U. S. Steel Kosice and its system of safety training were consequently positively covered in the Slovak media (Press Agency of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Television, Slovak Radio and local daily Kosicky Korzar) pointing that injury frequency was reduced 10 times after acquisition of the steelmaking company by U. S. Steel.


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