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Highlights of 15/2010

Created: 7/19/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 15/2010

Summer repairs schedule starts

U. S. Steel Kosice at the present time is experiencing its summer repairs schedule. July is given over to repairing primary facilities, and in August it will be the turn of the rolling mills machinery to undergo planned overhauls. The repairs schedule is being used by the Company maintenance staff to check and overhaul all the heavy cranes and crane tracks as well.

Work continues on ERP project

The ERP project team is working intensively on bringing the global information system for supply chain management into operation at U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o. and U. S. Steel Serbia, d.d.o. This information system has been functioning successfully in North America since 2008, and in August of this year it will be implemented in the Corporation's Slovakian and Serbian operations. Its greatest benefit will be increasing the efficiency of order processing and the creation of integrated sales, procurement and production plans. This software tool supporting supply chain management will simplify the formation of viable operational plans.

Fundraising finishes on Friday

Up until this Friday, July 23rd, every Company employee may volunteer to contribute to the fundraising which has been announced by U. S. Steel Kosice management in cooperation with KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice Trade Union Council, with the aim of helping our colleagues from USSK and its subsidiary companies in dealing with the consequences of the recent destructive floods. The details of the support will be decided by USSK's Social Committee. The donated funds may be used to transport in building materials for repairs and reconstruction of houses or apartments, to buy cleaning and disinfecting materials, or to purchase basic household equipment, including electrical appliances.

Truck parking area grows beside Gate No. 4

Covering an area of 17 000 square meters, a new parking area for trucks is being prepared nearby U. S. Steel Kosice Gate No. 4. There will be enough parking space here for 53 vehicles. The reconstructed building will feature three registration terminals, a relaxation room and washrooms, which will all be available for use by the drivers. This new parking lot started being built on June 1st of this year, and it should bring a marked improvement in road traffic safety along the public road between Haniska and Saca.


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