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Highlights of 19/2010

Created: 9/13/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 19/2010

New parking-lot for trucks

On September 2nd a new waiting area with 53 parking spaces was made available to truck drivers near Gate No.4 to the U. S. Steel Kosice works. The drivers will also find a room with three registration terminals featuring touch-screen displays, where they can choose from 14 languages to facilitate their communication. The new parking-lot covers an area of 17 000 square meters, and has an LED information panel directly facing the parked trucks. The parking-lot took three months to build, from June 1st to August 30th, with a final cost of almost 2.7 million euros. It will improve road traffic safety by keeping trucks off the road passing close by the steelworks, as well as providing better-quality services for the truck drivers themselves.

Families Do Sport for the fourth time

The Fun-Sports Area on Alejova Street in Kosice was alive on September 4th with the event called Families Do Sport, prepared this year for the fourth time by U. S. Steel Kosice Public Affairs Department. This chance to spend the day in the open air, getting exercise with the whole family, was enjoyed by the best part of 300 steelmakers. Teams of parents and children competed in soccer, volleyball, table-tennis and darts tournaments. Those who did not feel like matching their strengths could play non-competitively at inflata-pool football, maxi-basketball, petanque or badminton. Children rode their bicycles around the traffic playground, enjoyed their own competitions, and had fun on the bouncy castle, climbing-frames and swings. The atmosphere of the day was enhanced at the opening and closing of the event with short entertainment programs.

Ministerial honors for eight Kosice steelmakers

Last Friday, September 10th, Banska Stiavnica welcomed the participants in the all-Slovakia celebrations of Miners', Geologists', Steelmakers' and Oilmen's Day. This event formed part of the traditional Salamander Days, recalling the golden age of this former mining town, which is entered in UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural Heritage List. The official assembly, which included the presentation of ministerial honors to successful, long-serving employees, was attended by representatives of political, economic and social life in the Slovak Republic. U. S. Steel Kosice was represented at the celebrations by President George F. Babcoke, OZ KOVO Trade Union Council Deputy Chairmen Juraj Varga and Juraj Antalik, Company Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors and Trade Union Conveners of the divisions in which the steelmakers receiving the honors work.
The badge of honor of the Minister for Trade and Industry and Construction of the Slovak Republic inscribed "For loyalty at work" was presented to Jan Tobakos from the Hot Strip Mill Division, Rudolf Sikora from the Transport Division, Jozef Hadzima from the Cokery Division, Ladislav Matesz from the Shipment Division, Marian Maslej from the Steel Plants Division, Dusan Furcak from the company Refraco s.r.o., and Ivan Pastyrcak from the company Vulkmont a.s. Kosice. The badge of honor of the Minister for Trade and Industry and Construction of the Slovak Republic inscribed "Exemplary rescue worker" was presented to Martin Smolena from the Coated Products and Tin Mill Division.


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