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Highlights of 20/2011

Created: 9/26/2011
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 20/2011

Let's do what's right

Last week all the plants and subsidiaries of the United States Steel Corporation worldwide held a Week of Ethics and Keeping Principles, and Kosice steelmakers took the event equally to heart. Personal meetings and discussions, the joint letter from U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul and Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Matthew T. Lewis, which every employee received together with a "Molten Metal" magnet, as well as posters put up all arund the works area, all confirmed the importance that the Corporation management ascribes to ethics in business. For this reason every Corporation employee is expected to support a positive ethical culture. This is particularly important for the long-term success of U. S. Steel.

The future's in recycling

On Wednesday of last week, September 21, the Yasmin Hotel in Kosice was the venue for an important international event. The principal organizer of the debut edition of the conference entitled Steel Packaging - Green Solutions For Central Europe was U. S. Steel Kosice. This event was held under the auspices of the SR Ministry for Trade and Industry, and it was attended by many important guests. The invitees of course included the highest representatives of the Executive Board of the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL), which our Company has been a permanent member of since 2004.
The audience also featured local government representatives from the municipalities of Kosice, Presov and Kechnec, and the wide-ranging guest list was complemented with representatives of Slovak and foreign companies involved in producing, selling or recycling steel packaging materials. "I am very happy to be able to welcome you to this event, organized for the first time in Central Europe," said U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul, officially opening the conference. After the introduction there was a presentation on behalf of the hosts by Vice President Commercial Robert J. Beltz. He focused in particular on the statistics of the moderate growth on usage of steel packaging materials in Europe in recent times. He did not fail to mention the difficult period of the economic crisis between 2008 and 2010, which reduced demand all over the world.
"The steel markets are full of big players. We must keep ourselves competitive, not only as far as raw materials and production costs are concerned, but also the resultant prices of packaging material," he said at the close of his presentation.

Steel Strips 2011

Next week, from October 4 to 6, under the auspices of U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul, the eighth in the series of annual international conferences called Steel Strips 2011 is taking place in the SAV Academy Congress Center at Stara Lesna in the High Tatras. The discussion programme for the experts from Slovakia and abroad, prepared by the Steel Strips Society, features a great range of topics. They will be talking in four sections on mechanical and metallurgical technologies in the processes of hot and cold rolling of steel strips, on modeling and simulation of strip-rolling processes, and on measuring and control systems for strip-rolling processes. On Tuesday afternoon, October 4, the organizers have planned a visit to the U. S. Steel Kosice steelworks for conference particiants to look round several of its plants.

"White Night" promises unique experiences

The second edition of the "White Night" event, taking place this very Saturday, October 1, in Kosice, is not being neglected by the international stars of contemporary art. The metropolis of Eastern Slovakia will be hosting Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen, who will be integrating interior lamps with nature in an untraditional way in the Municipal Park. Mexican Miguel Chevalier will be presenting the "White Night" visitors his virtual garden, blooming with gigantic pixelated flowers. And top French dancer Catherine Langlade will be holding their attention with her digital movement game.


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