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Highlights of 07/2012

Created: 4/9/2012
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 07/2012

Meeting on energy use in the steel industry

Representatives of fourteen companies which are members of the World Steel Association (WSA - formerly the IISI) including U. S. Steel Kosice came together in Kosice from March 19 - 22. The aim of their meeting was to assess the progress of work on the WSA project entitled Energy Use in the Steel Industry. Working closely on this as project manager is the representative of the Kosice steelworks in the Association Ladislav Horvath, Manager for Technology and Environment, who went off to work at WSA headquarters in Beijing, China one year ago.

Signatures of commitment to work safely

One year on, steelmakers will be able once again to add their signatures to the commitment to work safely. Workplaces at USSK's divisional plants and subsidiary companies as well as various well-frequented locations outside the works area will see more than 50 billboards appearing next week encouraging the Company's workforce to pay especial attention to safety at work. The aim of this initiative, prepared by Company management with the support of the trade unions, is to raise employees' awareness of occupational safety, and in this way to reverse this year's unfavorably developing trend in the injury rate.

USSK Vice President among the nominees

Successful women are currently in competition for the title of Slovak Woman of the Year. The fourth edition of this annual poll is being organized by the editorial team of Slovenka magazine in cooperation with Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS) and the Sovak National Theater. The winners in the categories of Art and Culture, Media and Communication, Science and Research, Health Care, Business and Management, Sport, Charity, and Education and Supporting Young Talents will be decided by RTVS listeners and viewers through sms voting, Slovenka readers through voting forms appearing in the weekly magazine, and visitors to the portal at through internet voting. The nominees in the Business and Management category include U. S. Steel Kosice Vice President Management Services and Administration Elena Petraskova.

Cassovia Super Stars beat Bohemia Steelers in grand tenth match

Last Thursday, March 22, the Steel Arena ice-rink was the venue for the latest friendly ice-hockey match between the U. S. Steel Kosice sales staff team Cassovia Super Stars and their Czech customers team Bohemia Steelers. These two teams have been measuring their strengths in mutual matches since 2003, and their duels are becoing an ice-hockey tradition. In the latest, grand tenth encounter the Cassovia Super Stars were more successful, just beating the Bohemia Steelers after a dramatic game by 8:7 (1:2, 2:1, 5:4). The USSK sales staff are now leading 6:4 on matches in the series.


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