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Highlights of 25/2012

Created: 12/17/2012
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 25/2012

Ferdinand Koca is Top Manager for Quality

Ferdinand Koca, head of U. S. Steel Kosice QMS Department, has become Top Manager for Quality in 2012. He is the winner of the tenth edition of this annual competition organized by the Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing of the Sovak Republic, the results of which were announced in Bratislava yesterday, December 4, during the 9th national conference on quality with the theme "Quality Management in Public Administration".
The aim of this prestigious competition, which is a presentation of modern management methods, and developments and trends in them, is to show recognition of quality managers' high standard of fulfillment of their working responsibilities, and to familiarize the general public with significant personalities in the field of quality management in this country.

Steelmaker Alzbeta Tiszova joins the Exceptional Women

In the second edition of the annual competition to find the Exceptional Women of the Kosice Region 2012, announced by Kosice Self-governing Region Chief Executive Zdenko Trebula in cooperation with the Regional Point of Contact of the Institute for Gender Equality, one of the eight women receiving an award was steelmaker Alzbeta Tiszova. She has worked at the Kosice steelworks for more than twenty years, and she is also known to the public mainly as a long-distance runner.
She has already run 130 marathons at home and abroad, and she regularly takes one of the top places in her category in the Slovakian Marathon Championships. She is also an enthusiastic volunteer in the Daffodil Day fundraising, and she regularly participates in many volunteer projects helping seniors, disadvantaged children or non-profit organizations within the U. S. Steel Kosice corporate events program. The official announcement of the competition results took place on November 28 this year.

Fourth meeting of long-serving employees

During the course of the last two months the best part of six hundred of this year's long-serving employees have had the chance to accept an invitation from U. S. Steel Kosice top management to one of the four gala evenings also involving appreciation of their long service for the steelworks. The last meeting, which brought together probably the most varied group of celebrators, was held on Friday, November 30, as usual in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. This evening was devoted to the men and women of the Coated Products and Tin Mill division, the Shipping division, and twelve sections of the Company management, who are celebrating thirty, thirty-five, forty, and in one case even fifty years of work for the steelworks.

Gifts for children from the Wishing Trees

In the last few days the gifts from Company employees who have supported the Wishing Tree project have been delivered to the children in the Uralska Street Foster Home in Kosice and in the St. Clement Hofbauer Foster Home in Podolinec, as well as children of Kosice steelmakers whose families now find themselves in difficult living circumstances. On Friday, November 30, and Sunday, December 2, the gifts were distributed by the wife of the USSK President Mary Rintoul, who is the patron of this project, accompanied by the wives of other Slovak and American managers.


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