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Highlights of 06/2013

Created: 3/25/2013
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 06/2013

Family Safety Day again this year

Following the great interest of the steelmakers in last year's premiere event named "Where does my father, my mother work?", and subtitled Family Safety Day, Company management is offering employees and their family members the chance to take part in the same sort of event again this year. It will be happening soon in fact, on June 1 and 2, 2013, and this time it will be even more focused on our children, because we will be celebrating their special day then as well. The organizers are preparing a wide-ranging program, which will of course once again include plant tours.

Awards for originators of best HIRA projects

Last week we learned the names of the best individuals produced by the competition focusing on Hazard Identifikation and Risk Assessment (HIRA). which was announced last year by the United States Steel Corporation. The conditions for gaining an award were linked with decreasing the number of injuries in individual divisional plants (frequency calculated on the basis of employee-hours worked), and the amount and quality of eliminated risks. In the course of the year more than 570 managers joined in the competition, and they assessed over 3220 risks. As many as 99 per cent of their projects were then implemented. The final round of judging based on proposals from the relevant organization units involved 270 managers, 31 of whom were found to have fulfilled all the criteria and were put forward for awards by Company management. The final assessment of the best took place last Friday, March 8, attended by U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul.

Another three in the millionaires' club

In recent days the Coated Products and Tin Mill, Power Engineering and Transportation Divisions have taken their places among the Millionaires. All of them have been successful in the occupational safety field, and now they can each boast of a million employee-hours worked without injury. The employees' everyday efforts to fulfill the aim of zero injury rate have been acknowledged by U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul, who has met representatives of all three divisions in turn for working lunches with the most active in the area of occupational safety.

Prepared for certification

In late February and early March of this year, internal audits of the energy management system (EnMS) at USSK were carried out in line with the European standard EN ISO 50001 currently in force. This standard relates to improvement in management of energy and energy media (E&EM), increasing energy efficiency and optimizing ways of using and rationalizing consumption of E&EM. The new standard was drawn up and approved by the European Committee for Standardization, motivated by various European countries who are aware of the problems as well as the role of energy management in the early 21st century for the further sustainable development of life on our planet. The internal audits confirmed USSK's preparedness for certification of its system, which the top management then requested the company TÜV SÜD Slovakia to carry out. The certification is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Labor Union conferences start

This year's series of conferences of plant organizations of KOVO Labor Union, balancing up the year's activity, opened last Friday and this Monday with meetings of members at the Transportation and Cokery Divisions. Meetings of delegates from another ten plant organizations of KOVO Labor Union are due to take place in turn, and the union members' deliberations will be culminating in the KOVO Labor Union Council Conference in April this year.


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