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Highlights of 14/2013

Created: 7/15/2013
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 14/2013

Acknowledgment for deepening Slovak-American relations

This year again the Friends of Slovakia association and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the USA have organized a gala evening in Washington DC, which was an occasion for acknowledging those individuals who deserve credit for deepening relations between Slovakia and America. One of the guest speakers was George F. Babcoke. He stressed the need for personal involvement, and expressed his conviction that young people with experience of living in both countries are the ones who will continue enhancing good relations in the future. The gala evening on June 14 was also attended by five young interns from Slovakia who have had the chance of experiencing life in the United States thanks to the Friends of Slovakia association.

College students come to the steelworks for practical experience

For 36 fourth-year college and university students from Slovakia and abroad, Monday, July 1, saw the beginning of their two-month summer internship at U. S. Steel Kosice. Interest in taking part in this year's eleventh in the series of annual summer internships was originally expressed by the best part of 130 college students. The priority for places in the scheme was decided through a selection procedure. The interns, students specializing in technical subjects and economics, work under the supervision of mentors in their assigned sections of the company, and take art in guided tours and various training sessions which should help them to succeed better in the jobs market.

Business Leaders Forum members meet in Kosice

On Thursday, June 20, another of the regular quarterly sessions of the Business Leaders Forum association took place in Kosice. The program began in the morning at U. S. Steel Kosice, where representatives of the member companies in the association were met by Vice President Management Services and Administration Elena Petraskova. She presented the company to them, in particular its responsible approach to relations with the local community. At the end of their visit the guests looked round HDG Line No. 3 and the Radiators plant. The afternoon part of the session continued at T-Systems Slovakia.

Families Do Sport

The Fun-Sports Area on Alejova Street in Kosice will be the the venue on Saturday, August 17 this year for the Families Do Sport event organized for steelmakers and their closest relatives, which means it is intended for children and their parents who are employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiary companies. There will be sporting competitions in soccer, table tennis, streetball and darts open to failies with children from five years of age upwards. Every family taking part in one of the collective sports competitions will be automatically entered for a prize draw, with a tablet PC as the first prize. The closing date for entries is August 8.


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