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Highlights of 17/2013

Created: 8/26/2013
Author: Recorded by: Jozef MARSALA, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 17/2013

Extraordinary action during hot weather

USSK Top Management responded to hot weather that affected Slovakia and Kosice during last two weeks with an extraordinary action - distribution of up to 40 thsd. liters of natural spring water at three gatehouses of USSK at the shift relief. Volunteers amongst the company managers and representatives of USSK catering company participated on preparation and implementation of 4-days taking event initiated by section Manager OSH and REACH.

Metal in the hands of designers

More than 20 young designers and their pedagogues from six colleges and universities from Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Czech Republic and Slovakia will attend the 11th annual international workshop Metal Inspirations 2013. 13-days taking creative shops organized by the Technical University in Kosice (TUKE) and Technical High School Kosice - Saca will begin tomorrow, on Aug 15. This year workshop topic was called "Kosice - Innovative City - Symbiosis of Art and Technique". Metal works to be created by young artists during the international workshop will be presented in the premises of the Slovak Technical Museum in Kosice.

Occupational safety is priority also for companies cooperating with USSK

Results of company Harsco Metals Slovensko, s.r.o., providing for waste processing and liquidation for U. S. Steel Kosice, confirmed that occupational safety isn't a priority only at USSK but also in companies cooperating with USSK. Harsco can pride itself with the prize awarded during the international appraisal of all its companies and divisions. The plant in Kosice was awarded with the Presidents Zero Award for the best elaborated OSH System.
The prize award was preceded with 3-days taking audit at the end of 2012 when the company staff prove to the auditors that they don't lag behind their colleagues in the Harsco international divisions in OSH area. The company won 83 of 100% with the improvement potential clearly indicating possibility to reach higher percentage after fulfillment of further indicators in the area of occupational hygiene, safety instructions and regulations.


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