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Highlights of 04/2015

Created: 4/8/2015
Author: Translated by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 04/2015

Made-to-measure solutions for our customers

To be the best among the steel producers, providing our customers the highest value with made-to-measure solutions: that is the main idea behind a new initiative focusing on product innovation. The new approach was presented on Thursday, January 12, at the introductory meeting and workshop called by Vice President Engineering Activities and Innovation Michael A. Fedorenko.
"We don't want to be just a supplier of sheets. We want to be a partner that our customers choose because we provide the highest value. This is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition," said U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke in his introduction to the meeting. He also emphasized that innovation is a comprehensive process linked with the Carnegie Way transformation, as well as being a component of the change in corporate branding. Apart from product innovation, he added, it is also important how quickly we can implement these solutions on the market. New multifunctional teams were presented at the meeting, covering the Automotive, Tinplate, Dynamo Sheet and Coated Products divisions, made up of the top experts in each of those areas.

Regular quarterly Communication meeting takes place

Last Friday, February 13, the regular quarterly communication meeting took place. The main topics on the agenda included assessment of the quarterly business results, progress in the Carnegie Way transformation, the launch of the new initiative for product innovation, and computer and communication system security in the Company.

On transformation in Procurement

On February 11 the U. S. Steel Kosice Women's Network organized another in its series of lectures for employees on topical subjects. This time the focus was on transformation in the Procurement division. The transformation processes were presented by USSK GM Procurement Martina Kapralova. Her interactive lecture met with a positive response among the participants.

Kosice steelworks to support local villages again this year

Town and village councils in this region have responded with great interest to the helping hand offered by U. S. Steel Kosice in the form of supplies of artificial metallurgical stone material made from blast furnace slag, including transport for a symbolic price. Thanks to this project run by the Kosice steelworks over the last three years, local small towns and villages now boast more revitalized zones, sports grounds, new sidewalks, parks, recreational areas and parking lots. The Company has decided to continue with this assistance, which has economic as well as ecological dimensions, again this year.

Skiers and snowboarders match their strengths

Beautiful sunny, windless weather, above-zero temperature, and a superbly prepared piste up at Jahodna were the conditions awaiting the participants in the 19th Winter Games for employees of U. S. Steel Kosice last Saturday, February 14. The best part of three hundred competitors, adult employees and their children as well, matched their skills in giant slalom skiing and snowboarding. The event of course featured the now-traditional children's winter carnival.


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