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Highlights of 05/2015

Created: 5/6/2015
Author: Translated by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 05/2015

Recognition of employees' work in identifying dangers and eliminating risks

For the third time now the United States Steel Corporation has assessed and rewarded those of its employees who are most active in identifying dangers and eliminating risks in the workplace. Among those rewarded in 2014 were 62 employees of the Kosice steelworks, who were presented with diplomas inscribed "Best at Identifying Risks" personally by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcokeon Wednesday, February 18. Also present at the modest celebration on Company premises were Vice Presidents Martin Pitorak, Marcel Novosad and Elena Petraskova, General Manager Occupational Safety and Hygiene and REACH Mark T. Salo, and General Managers from the section of Vice President Operations.

Guests from Samsung

This Monday, March 2, representatives of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. from South Korea and Poland were welcomed at U. S. Steel Kosice. The guests met Vice President Commercial Christian Korn and other managers from his section, and they had a plant tour round selected Company operations including continuous slab casting line no.2, the hot wide-strip mill, color-coating line and HDG line no.3.

European Union House to be decorated with metal artwork

The European Union House in Bratislava, which contains the European Information Center, is to be decorated from February 9 onwards with a sculpture of Europa created by Pawel Orlowski from ASP Krakow at last year's international Metal Inspirations workshop in Kosice. The Metal Inspirations event has been organized annually since 2003 by the Technical University of Kosice in cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice and the Metallurgical Vocational School in Kosice-Saca. Last year's workshop involved the participation of 25 students and teachers from colleges of design in Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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