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Highlights of 07/2015

Created: 7/1/2015
Author: Translated by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 07/2015

Steelmakers collect record amount during Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day in Slovakia now ranks among the traditional and well-patronized charity collections. The Kosice steelmakers also demonstrated their sense of fellow feeling for people suffering from cancer last Friday, March 27, by joining in the fundraising in large numbers. Daffodil Day was organized at USSK by the Anti-Cancer League together with U. S. Steel Kosice Women's Network, and the public-benefit fundraising produced an excellent result here. They succeeded in collecting a grand total of 5435.43 EUR, which is an all-time record.

U. S. Steel Kosice Women's Network prepares survey

The Women's Network was set up at the U. S. Steel Corporation in 2008 as one of the voluntary interest groups among the employees, aiming to support women's professional fulfillment by optimizing the working environment, including creating conditions for their further development. According to the results of the survey carried out among employees in 2013, U. S. Steel Kosice is considered as a responsible employer providing above-standard working conditions for the employees, and women make up 17 per cent of the total workforce. The aim of the Women's Network's new survey, which will be distributed to women employees in the next few days, is to find out which Company benefits they appreciate most, and where they see potential for further professional self-realization.

HC Kosice to defend champions'title for the eighth time

Today sees the beginning of the final series of play-offs in the ice hockey Extra League. Champions HC Kosice will be defending their title against Banska Bystrica, who are playing in the finals for the first time in the history of the Slovakian ice hockey league. In contrast the Kosice players are taking part in the finals of this country's highest ice hockey competition for the fifteenth time, and this will be the eighth time in a row they have fought for the title since 2008. Altogether they have gained seven champions' titles, and seven times they have finished in second place.

Friendly ice hockey match between salesmen and customers

On Thursday, March 19, the Steel Arena ice rink was the venue for the thirteenth edition of the annual friendly ice hockey match between the teams of Cassovia Super Stars (made up of USSK Commercial staff) and Bohemian Steelers (composed of Czech customer companies' representatives). The contest between these two age-old rivals finished with the result 6:5 to the visitors (1:4, 2:0, 2:2), so the guests succeeded in breaking the four-year string of wins by the home team Cassovia, reducing their deficit in the results of their matches together to a state of 8:5.


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