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Highlights of 09/2015

Created: 8/26/2015
Author: Translated by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 09/2015

Steelmakers work 1.5 million hours without injury

On Friday, April 17, around 250 employees of the Steel Plants Division were invited to breakfast together with U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke, so that he could thank as many members of the team as possible for their outstanding achievement in the field of occupational safety. On April 10 of this year the steelmakers reached the milestone of one million five hundred thousand employee-hours worked without injury. In a short speech the President emphasized above all the collective work of the Steel Plants team, which formed the basis for their success. He went on to state that the Steel Plants workers are the best proof that the Company is capable of working without injury.

Miroslav Kiralvarga is president of the National Union of Employers

The new President of the National Union of Employers (NUE) is U. S. Steel Kosice Vice President External Affairs, Administration and Business Development Miroslav Kiralvarga. This was decided last Friday, April 24, at the meeting of the NUE Presidium in Bratislava. Miroslav Kiralvarga takes over the position from Marian Jusko. The newly-elected NUE President declared his intention to continue seamlessly from the preceding eleven years of work, making use of the experience gained for even more effective promotion of the interests of more than 1300 companies forming the membership of the National Union of Employers. The strategic aims of NUE's activity in the period 2015 - 2020 are set out in the document entitled Competitive Slovakia, approved by the NUE Congress, which consists of a set of measures organized into eleven areas of priority.

Ocel Vychodu is Corporate Medium of the Year 2014

U. S. Steel Kosice's company newspaper Ocel Vychodu scored highly once again in the prestigious nationwide competition named Corporate Medium of the Year 2014, organized by the Corporate Media Club. At the awards ceremony for the twelfth edition of this annual competition in Bratislava last Thursday, April 23, Ocel Vychodu was awarded first place in the Corporate Newspaper category. Thus the paper successfully defended its renowned position and quality in competition with other company periodicals in Slovakia, adding another victory to its two third, four second and five previous first places. Second place was taken by the newspaper of the National Highways Company, and third place went to Chemkostav Humenne.


On April 14 more than 60 college students took part in the 21st edition of the annual international students' specialist research conference called Metalurgia 2015. This event was organized by the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University of Kosice, and it was also supported by U. S. Steel Kosice. It is competitive in character, and the students, mostly from the Kosice Faculty of Metallurgy but also from Ostrava, Bratislava and Krakow, competed in five categories: Metallurgy, Materials, Power Engineering and Industrial Ceramics, Environmental Engineering, and Integrated Control Systems. The juries evaluated the content of the students' works, the graphical standard of their presentations, their ability to defend the results of their projects, and their presentations themselves.


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