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Highlights of 12/2015

Created: 11/19/2015
Author: Translated by:Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 12/2015

Fourth edition of the annual corporate event Where does my Pop, my Mom work? Family Safety Day

Last Saturday, June 6, a hot sunny day awaited the best part of six thousand participants in the fourth edition of the popular corporate event known as Where does my Pop, my Mom work? Family Safety Day. The great family of steelmakers was welcomed on Company premises by U. S. Steel Kosice President Scott D. Buckiso, who was joined on the podium by KOVO Labor Union Council Deputy Chairman Juraj Varga and USSK General Manager Occupational Safety and Hygiene and REACH Mark Salo. In their welcoming speeches they emphasized the principle of safety at work, as well as the fact that this open day was taking place in the year of the fifteenth anniversary of the U. S. Steel Corporation's takeover of the Kosice steelworks. They reassured their audience that they would be doing everything to ensure that the standard of safety in Company workplaces improved day by day. They appealed to the steelmakers to be careful in all their actions, and pointed out that safe behavior should not start just on entering the works, but it should be an integral part of everyday family life, because it is in the family that children's opinions and attitudes are formed, the ideas they will take with them into adulthood.
This year again the participants could tour the Company's operations and get a closer idea of the character of various jobs around the steelworks. A new feature this year was a visit to the ladle hall with a presentation of the activities in the primary production plants, the cokery, the blast furnaces and the steel shops. There was also the traditional round trip by coach taking in most divisions of the steelworks, this time including a drive through the hall of HDG Line No. 3. These tours were enjoyed by nearly three thousand attendees.

Excellent presentation of our maintenance

On June 2 and 3 the High Tatras were the venue for the now 15th edition of the annual international conference called National Maintenance Forum 2015. This event held under the auspices of the SR Ministry for Trade and Industry was organized again this year by the Maintenance Society of Slovakia, which since its establishment in the year 2000 has brought together companies supporting development in the fields of technology, quality and safety of maintenance activities. The company U. S. Steel Kosice is one of the founder member of the Maintenance Society of Slovakia.
This year's conference had a record attendance of 233 participants from more than forty companies from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Austria. The event also featured the announcement of the winner of the Maintenance Man of the Year 2015 award, which this time went exceptionally to two nominees. In the face of strong competition from all over Slovakia the award was presented to USSK GM Production Support Peter Gazsi, whose candidacy stemmed from the U. S. Steel Kosice primary sector for his significant contribution in developing the strategy of key maintenance activities as part of the Carnegie Way transformation process. The second award-winner was Gejza Kardos from the Eustream corporation for his leadership in the field of repair technologies.

Kosice gains title of European City of Sport 2016

Following the title of European Capital of Culture in 2013, Kosice has become the first city in Slovakia to gain the title of European City of Sport 2016. The metropolis of the eastern region has been granted this title by the international commission called ACES Europe. It is pleasing to know that the city has gained this status to a large degree thanks to the sporting activities of U. S. Steel Kosice.


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