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Highlights of 13/2015

Created: 6/24/2015
Author: Translated by: Andy BILLINGHAM
Category: 13/2015

USSK subsidiaries achieve another 1.5 million injury-free hours

A year on, and U. S. Steel Kosice's subsidiary companies once again enjoy success in the form of one million, five hundred thousand employee-hours worked without injury. After achieving this target for the first time in August of last year, they have repeated this result two months earlier this year, reaching this significant milestone on June 13. The subsidiaries' efforts were acknowledged and around 200 employees were thanked for their safe work by U. S. Steel Kosice President Scott D. Buckiso at working breakfasts on June 18.

Innovation teams are active

Multifunctional teams for the automobile industry, canning material, electrotechnical and color-coated sheets, set up in February of this year as part of an initiative focusing on further innovation of products and production processes, are now working on innovative solutions which will bring customers higher added value and ensure that the Company continues with consistent growth. U. S. Steel Kosice's best specialists in specific areas are currently working on more than 30 projects divided into three groups based on the forecast amounts of investment required. One of the more demanding projects for example involves the transition to chrome-free passivation of tin-plated sheets, required by new European legislation since 2017.

Volunteers meet USSK president Scott D. Buckiso

Twelve steelmakers representing almost 600 participants in the ninth edition of U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days, which took place on May 15 and 16 of this year, met for a working lunch last week where they were thanked for their work and their enthusiasm for the idea of volunteering by Company President Scott D. Buckiso. During the informal discussion, illustrated with the premiere showing of filmed highlights of this year's Volunteer Days, the steelmakers let on not only about the good feeling that working for the benefit of others gives them, but also about how they "discovered" volunteering, and something about their family backgrounds and their other interests as well.

Fourth Mentoring Program starts

April of this year saw the beginning of the fourth in the series of Mentoring Programs, which focus each time on the development of specialist and leadership skills in a select group of steelmakers. The Company ran the initial pilot program in 2012, and every year since then it has enrolled newly-employed university graduates and recently-appointed managers in this annual program.
Nowadays the current one brings together twenty-six newly-appointed managers and three college graduates. The positions of mentors are taken by experienced specialists and leaders. On Tuesday, June 9, all the mentoring participants met together with their mentors for an informal session where they had the chance to get to know each other better and discuss their ideas about developing their skills and extending their experience, this time in the company of the firm's top management. The next training session will focus on the coaching approach and the tasks and responsibilities involved in mentoring. After that there will be a series of regular meetings of mentors and mentored continuing until the end of the program in March of next year.


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