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Highlights of 17/2015

Created: 8/19/2015
Author: Translated by:Mária BENEDEKOVÁ
Category: 17/2015

Sales representatives evaluated best projects for 2nd quarter 2015
First place for "Dynamo" team

On Monday, August 17, we learned the names of originators of the best projects for 2nd quarter 2015 for the Sales and Marketing section. The first place for the most significant contribution was awarded to the project Modification of grades for Siemens, originators of which are Ivan Belej, Alena Filčáková, Jaroslav Takáč, Zita Pulková, Alexius Szamoši, Radovan Čáni and Miloš Predmerský. This team, in line with the dynamically developing sector of steel grades for electro technical industry, modified the dynamo sheet properties following the individual requirements of our key customer. The tailor made solution focused on modifications of electromagnetic and mechanical properties.

The familiarization process with company policies moves forward

Over the last months the existing USSK Policies have been completely revised and several new policies adapted in the company U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. They specify the respective areas of the ethical conduct in more details and are related to the general framework of basic business ethics rules contained in the USSK Ethical conduct codex. By the aforementioned revision the total number of principles decreased. The reason for this important process realization was complex revision, extending and update of USS Policies that was successfully completed last year in the mother company United States Steel Corporation in the USA. All company employees will be familiarized with new and revised policies during the months of August and September.

Innovations will help us to keep market positions

The new appointed general manager of Research and Development USSE Viera Kohúteková speaks about the future of this company’s important work place in an interview. According to her the research strategy is closely connected with the company strategy. Introduction of new products and technologies that will give us the chance to be successful and stay on the market in the future are the driving factors. Innovations are essential for the success of a company.

Steel arena was the venue of 9th edition of the summer ice hockey school

At the beginning of this month Steel arena was the meeting point of young talents. In the week from August 3 – 7, ninth edition of the popular Summer ice hockey school intended for pupils of second through fifth grades of elementary schools took place on the home ice rink of HC Košice. 46 boys trained in the camp, among them there were also four participants of the project Your chance to play. The ice hockey week was mainly about trainings on the ice rink. Children were training under the supervision of experienced mentors. The diplomas the boys received from the President of HC Košice Juraj Mondík and Vice-President U. S. Steel Košice Energies, Environment and Technical inspections Vladimír Jacko on Friday, August 7 will remind them of their participation in the camp.


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