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Ice hockey triumph for our sales team

Created: 4/17/2018
Author: rp
Category: 04/2018

Our sales staff have maintained the tradition of organizing ice hockey matches with their counterparts from various firms in Slovakia and the Czech Republic since way back in 2003. On Thursday, March 22 this year, the Steel Arena was the venue for the 15th annual ice hockey tournament for three teams named the Steel Hockey Cup.

This event was officially opened by USSK Vice President Commercial Christian Korn, who threw in the puck for a symbolic face-off involving all the team captains before the first match. Three games were then played with each team playing the other two over two periods of 20 minutes' straight time. The tournament saw clashes between the Košice Stars from USSK and two customers' teams, the Slovak Dragons and the Bohemian Lions. In the third match the Bohemian Lions “fought” the Košice Stars for the overall victory, and the gripping game ended with a score of three goals to four, so the precious trophy was finally carried off by the home players, the USSK sales team.


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